Last Hope TD MOD APK 4.2 (Unlimited money, unlocked)

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NameLast Hope TD APK
PublisherJE Software AB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Manufacturers have thoroughly exploited the theme of zombies and their attacks. There are countless aspects to creating a new game from this familiar theme. Moreover, because of the nature with a bit of horror and violence, zombie games often have an age limit. There are games for children from over seven to ten years old. But also the games must require an older age. Last Hope TD by JE Software AB is an example. This game is a heavy zombie game and is unsuitable for people under 16. You can often see that zombie-related games are often combined with shooting. But Last Hope TD is much more than that. Discover now.

Last Hope TD mod

Download Last Hope TD mod – Defend the kingdom from zombies

Like many other zombie games, Last Hope TD uses a variety of weapons to kill zombies. However, this game is more remarkable in combining zombies with tower defense. The story of Last Hope TD takes place in an ancient city. Life here was very peaceful until zombies appeared. One day, out of nowhere came a bunch of hideous zombies with an uncountable number. They rushed into the city surprisingly quickly. These zombies destroy everything in their path. Stop looting, smashing back to bite people. These madmen will sooner or later destroy the whole city. Someone needs to save the city urgently.

Last Hope TD apk

That heartbreaking incident is your reason for showing up. Come and build defensive towers to protect this dying city. At Last Hope TD, players are given the choice of heroes to guard the defense towers. You can build a perfect tower defense strategy in this game with the resources and equipment available. The 3D mode created by the manufacturer makes you feel the realism of every movement. The first thing players need to do is find the cause of the zombies’ landing in the city. There’s a leader behind them. So let’s destroy this leader. Rewards and glory are waiting for you after every victory.

Last Hope TD apk free

Choose heroes to help

Last Hope TD offers the most powerful heroes in the world. You can choose between 10 outstanding and typical. They include noble princess, mighty Barbarian, mysterious Boy Scout, frenzied shooting mechanic, support soldier, warrior, experimental scientist, and sheriff. Each person has their status, expertise, and abilities. All create for you the best hero squad to defend the towers in the city. Just in place, they can kill zombies with one hit. Sometimes, the attack force was so great that it shook the ground. Which hero you choose is up to you, so think carefully.

Last Hope TD mod apk

Upgrading Weapons

Sure, killing zombies or any opponent requires weapons. Upgrade your turrets and attached equipment to maximize their capabilities. There are up to 12 different turrets to defend this city. Each tower has a unique technology tree to make it stronger when facing zombies. Standing from the building, you can pierce the zombies with sharp arrows. At the same time, the hero can also break them to pieces with Mortar bombs. In addition, Tesla Coil is also used to electrify zombies to death. And don’t forget to take advantage of the heroes’ special abilities. For example, a mechanic can fire a gun to kill many zombies.

Last Hope TD android

Different challenge modes

The battle in Last Hope TD is divided into many genres and modes for players to enjoy. In total, there are more than 145 levels that you need to pass to defend this land successfully. To talk about difficulty, there will be three settings. They are respectively usual, complicated, and nightmare – the most horrible level. If you are brave enough, challenge yourself with all levels to receive bonuses and accumulated experience. In addition, there is a special mode called Endless. There, time will prove who possesses the strongest hero. Also, do not forget to remind you that there are more than 50 types of enemies in Last Hope TD, not to mention the five bosses scattered around.

Last Hope TD is a game that challenges your bravery. We have to face horrendous zombies, and the missions are also challenging. Your strategy will be promoted in choosing heroes to protect your tower. Hopefully, players make the right choice. Find and destroy the leader to end the war soon. Download Last Hope TD mod and join the tower defense game against zombies.

Download Last Hope TD MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) for Android

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