Legend of Solgard MOD APK 2.40.2 (Unlimited energy/Hight DMG, God mode)

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NameLegend of Solgard APK
PublisherSnowprint Studios AB
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited energy/Hight DMG, God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Join Embla to fight and win in the Legend of Solgard. A role-playing game with exciting gameplay offers many great experiences. Combined with tactical elements, this game has attracted many players. Team up with the girl Embla to stop all destruction in this world. Attack fiercely and make the enemy give up the plot. Step by step, become a powerful hero and destroy all the world’s bad guys. Do not let any force be able to resist. Make all those who carry out bad intentions pay the price. You may not know, Dungeon Breaker Heroes and Neo Monsters are also the places where many dramatic battles with bloodthirsty monsters take place.

Legend of Solgard mod download

Download Legend of Solgard mod – Stop the destroyer of the world

Legend of Solgard will take you to the land of Solgard – where creatures and gods live. Their lives were gradually changed when the appearance of monsters. Winter has come and the frosts have frozen all living things. To solve this situation, Embla will be the implementer. She summoned more troops to start fighting. Powerful animals, with great combat power, participate in every battle, to save the land and the creatures. At the same time, do not let the opponents invade and end life in this place. Show strength with every attack, marking legendary history in Solgard.

Legend of Solgard mod

Despite being a role-playing game genre, Legend of Solgard still has dramatic tactical elements. From arranging, summoning forces to fight, attack… It is this gameplay that has also created a massive attraction for gamers. The female warrior will lead the entire team into the battle, facing a series of enemies. Dangers and challenges will also constantly come for you to face. Do not stop attacking to make the opponent fall into a passive position, quickly get the victory. Whether Solgard is safe will also depend on the player. Determined to fight on each location, not yielding to the actions they will cause.

Legend of Solgard mod apk

Summon the fighting gods

Build an army of warriors before the battle begins. Gather talented gods to fight to destroy monsters. Most of all, to get victory in a harsh cold winter. Grow for the entire army, move towards the enemy and quickly attack. Arrange each suitable position, assign each specific task in each battle. Enemies will also always appear and make multiple counterattacks. Adjust the strategy and coordinate the creatures together. Three animals of the same color in a line will create an attack. It is necessary to use a combination of many ways to destroy opponents quickly. Turn those creatures into giant animals of great destructive power. The preparation and proceed to build battle formations will also significantly affect the victory of every battle.

Legend of Solgard mod android

Collect creatures

Creatures are an important force to help Embla carry out his mission. That’s why you will have to collect creatures, summon the strongest army. Each organism will have different species and characteristics. They also have unique abilities, creating the power to step by step decisively fight the enemy. Shown up with 4 different colors: green, red, yellow, and purple. Each time will let the player own a color. Each race will have different fighting skills. Warriors, Beasts, Folks, Spirits, Critters, Wyrms, and Wights are racist names. There will also be many special abilities with destructive solid power with rare creatures. Collect a lot of species to create a large force, confront countless enemies.

Legend of Solgard mod free

Strategy for each battle

The army, strength, and tactics are always inseparable factors. In addition to developing for the whole team as well as strengthening the battle strength, the strategy also needs attention. Players need to prepare many ways to deal with each enemy. Ready to go to each arena, block and attack every opponent. This is the element that will help the attacker to achieve the desired results quickly. With each mission completed, your creature will receive experience points. When combined, skills and strategies are also a way to upgrade the army. Defeat all enemy teams, conquer in battle positions. Download the Legend of Solgard mod to save the land of Solgard, stop the actions of the enemy.

Download Legend of Solgard MOD APK (Unlimited energy/Hight DMG, God mode) for Android

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