Light-It Up MOD APK (Unlimited Props)

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NameLight-It Up APK
PublisherCrazy Labs by TabTale
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Props
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Light-It Up is an entertaining game that has recently stirred up the gaming community. Offering simple gameplay, players can freely perform actions. Use the ultimate skills to jump over the obstacles. You will accompany the stickman character to participate in the game levels. Move, jump really high to overcome all challenges. Techniques while playing are the deciding factor to your victory. Concentrate hard to have high jumps and complete the play best.

Light It Up mod

Download Light-It Up mod – Perform the ultimate jumps

When you start playing, appearing in front of you is the world with many colorful blocks. These blocks can glow, creating eye-catching for gamers. Jump, slide, flip, swing through every neon block after another. Touching each block will start to emit bright rays. Raise your score with successful jumps, and advance with your character to the next level. Make every move like a pro, explore the colorful world. Move quickly, cling to the neon shape to win.

Light It Up mod free

The player’s task when participating is to control the stickman. With simple operations, you can do it quickly. Each level presents a different, unpredictable challenge. Things also gradually become more complicated as you progress into the next part of the game. The light rays will become brighter than ever when you touch the block. Enjoy the feeling of jumping, showing your strength. Experience from level to level, bringing in beautiful lights. Avoid obstacles, ensure safety during the jump.

Light It Up mod download

Level unlock

The journey in Light-It Up will be experienced on many levels. Players will start from easy to difficult levels, facing many challenges. The blocks will be arranged in a row for you to jump. Don’t make a mistake if you don’t want to go back to the starting line. Make use of your skills, make many top-notch jumps. Just missing a jump will lead to spins, flips at the wrong time. The difficulty will be increased gradually through each level, more dangerous. Continually creating unexpected situations, hindering your every move. The result will be recorded with the corresponding number of points after the game ends.

Light It Up mod apk

Facing danger

Your character will move, touch the glowing colored shapes. The whole process from the beginning will have to face many difficulties. The colored shapes at the beginning of the movement will be a considerable obstacle. Many spikes can stab to cause death, colored shapes explode. This is a significant threat to the character, which should be avoided when moving. You need to jump very high, flip, or any movement to ensure safety. Facing obstacles creates a challenge and also a way to test every skill. Raise the number of points you have, collect stars when jumping. Reach the pinnacle of victory, light up the world with striking colors.

Light It Up mod android

Customize character appearance

The stickman will be a companion to perform the jumps. Shown with a white body, possessing the ability to bounce, all different movements. During gameplay, players can also customize their appearance. Change your hair, add accessories like glasses, and more. Set up high achievements, control the character in the right direction. The shaping point is not too prominent, focusing on the skills of the stickman himself. Collect the maximum number of stars, do not let the stickman fall into the abyss. Light up the world with a variety of colors. Download Light-It Up mod to conquer the top jumps through each block.

Download Light-It Up MOD APK (Unlimited Props) for Android

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