LOST in Blue MOD APK 1.158.0 (Menu/Move speed multiplier)

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NameLOST in Blue APK
PublisherVolcano Force
MOD FeaturesMenu/Move speed multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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LOST in Blue is the journey of surviving a crash after a flight. The game is inspired by the famous TV series in the US. The context in the game can be much more dramatic than the movie, bringing many exciting experiences. Players will be entering a dangerous and challenging survival battle. Search for available resources self-funding. Engage in battle with countless enemies, determined to win. Be ready to face storms and challenges to return to your beloved home quickly.

LOST in Blue mod

Download LOST in Blue mod – Life on the island after the plane crash

A tragic accident happened, causing many people to lose their lives. You are the lucky one to survive and wake up on a deserted island. Everything makes you dizzy at first, not knowing where to start. The first thing to do is bandage the wound find water to drink to quench thirst. Gradually adapting to life here, avoiding the dangers posed by monsters. The initial challenges are not too complex, and players can click their tongue thinking it is simple. However, the journey is still very long, and there will be many unexpected developments ahead. That is the point that makes LOST in Blue so attractive to gamers. Immerse yourself in the dramatic battle defeat each formidable opponent.

LOST in Blue mod free

Before starting for the mission that lies ahead, you will be given a character selection. Companions can be male or female, depending on the player’s wishes. Choosing a man with superior strength is also a way to create an advantage. The battle will take place when the zombie force appears. They continuously run towards you, creating countless dangers to claim the fastest life. Although the plane crash destroyed everything, the first thing to do was to fend off the enemy’s attack. Instead, focus on fighting and controlling the area if you don’t want your life to fall into the hands of zombies. Prepare psychologically and weapons to fight, set up the best achievements.

LOST in Blue mod download

Protect those in the same situation

It is impossible to live alone in the face of challenges and pitfalls. Players will need to make friends with people in the same situation coordinate with them to fight. At the same time, assume the role of protection and support during the battle. This can be said to be a way of building a civilized life that LOST in Blue aims for. Deal with the chase, the formidable destructive power that zombies create. Ensure your safety, innocent people around can have peace. Build a mighty army create fierce combos that knock your opponents down. Assign tasks to each person arrange defense and attack forces in the area.

LOST in Blue mod android

Collect crafting resources

Exploit available resources to create a living base shelter after each battle. Create your weapons to confront a series of formidable enemies. Even the obtained items will also help you to produce many necessary things. All of them support the process of survival and battle on the deserted island. Axes, sickles, armor, and guns will be important weapons, destroying enemies. Collecting and crafting are not difficult, but there will be attacks from zombies. They will do anything to take your life at all costs. Therefore, it is necessary to perform at a fast pace to avoid consecutive attacks from evil zombies promptly.

LOST in Blue mod apk

Sustaining life on the island

In addition to fighting and destroying enemies, players also need to improve their lives. Meet the needs of daily living and eating to increase strength. Cultivate explore neighboring lands to plant trees and crops. Hunt animals to create food supplies for meals. Paying for everything on your own, surviving on an island full of dangers. Take advantage of natural resources, use them rationally. Scale-up and build a strong base, get a safe place to live. Moreover, LOST in Blue will also provide a beautiful scene for players to see. Explore everything around the island with realistic 3D visual details.

Face all the challenges of living on the island and the actions of the enemy. LOST in Blue will take you on a journey of survival, completing all assigned tasks. Destroy all bloodthirsty monsters, master your own life. Download LOST in Blue mod to survive a horrible plane crash.

Download LOST in Blue MOD APK (Menu/Move speed multiplier) for Android

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