Love Pheromone MOD APK 1.4.0 (Menu Free Premium Choices)

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NameLove Pheromone APK
MOD FeaturesMenu Free Premium Choices
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Love Pheromone enjoys the love between four boys and one beautiful girl in the city. As a game with a romantic style, the characters that appear are all attractive. You will play by choosing the answer; all decisions are up to you. You follow the plot the game has written and feel it according to each person’s thoughts. You are a girl standing in the middle of many choices, do not know where the end of your life will go. You are a person of beauty, so it is understandable to attract other guys. Reach out and chat with them for more information. Their key sayings will leave a deep impression on each player.

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Download Love Pheromone mod – Find true love

Love Pheromone creates a position for each boy in the story, and they will have a self-introduction. Content includes a name and a saying they like and draw on life experiences. These guys all have a unique scent, which is also a way to distinguish the class between people. Everyone will give an exciting start, but when entering, only choose one. This love affair is decided by you so that it will be personal; no one can interfere. You and the four guys have become friends, so they also talk more often. They are like you, reciprocating sacred feelings, not letting the 4 of them fall in love with each other.

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The intoxicating scent that kills the sweet words comes from Love Pheromone. The game has already created a list of popular questions and answers for players. With two solutions, you are the voter, so how you end up is up to you. The beginning of love is always what remains in us the most. You answer questions from the boys. Honestly, there will be a happy ending. The words that guys say are flirting with you. You know that and hope to solve it quickly and prove the truth. After traveling with four guys, you will earn more than you can imagine. It’s a complicated movie, and you are the one to debug and reset the ending.

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Attractive smell

The particular guy always brings many surprises that Love Pheromone has to random mode. The scents can be lightly fragrant or stand out from the crowd. That scent could hold the girl from continuing to chat and maintaining the relationship. Guys are ready to become your lover with a girl who loves the smell. With the choice between whom and who is up to you, it is up to you to create a relationship with anyone. The love for you in this plot is essential, wanting to forget the things that make you sad. Smell the guy’s flavors, don’t be lured negatively. The scent that offers a dating opportunity or extinguishes it, it’s hard to guess!

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Choose the ending

Players control every decision, from choosing an answer to a happy ending. What will be your options in the dilemma when all four people want to conquer you? You already have that complex answer, but you’re buying time. Hasty decisions won’t get much fun, so think twice. Choosing one of the four brothers is also tricky. Everyone has their color. Their handsomeness is also unmatched, always making you restless. Find sweet love in every sentence of the guy you love. Just let things go on naturally, but if you need to intervene, do it as long as there is a good ending.

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Interact with the plot

What would you do if nothing was appealing in the Love Pheromone stories? That is also unpredictable, and one must participate in trying to know the taste. Players have interacted with the dialogue between the two sides; what to do next will be up to you to decide. The girl became the center of all talk, wanting to date them, and the boys did many things. Ask questions for you to answer, and wait for the results to agree, or give up. You must follow each character to get a feel for the boys’ personalities and demeanor. That interaction affects your relationship with a particular guy, opening a beautiful and fulfilling love affair.

Love Pheromone will create romantic movies where two people love each other or tragedy will happen. Many secrets are hidden deep inside each story. What you feel is the message the boys bring, touched from the first meeting. For comparison and handsomeness, maybe four people are equal, but the level of hearing loss must be reconsidered. What kind of answers will a beautiful girl who has never been in love with anyone ever face? Download Love Pheromone mod, enjoy the love story, and feel the scent of happiness.

Download Love Pheromone MOD APK (Menu Free Premium Choices) for Android

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