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When it comes to detective stories, people often think of male detectives. But not every girl is weak and afraid of this dangerous profession. Many talented girls are not scared of anything. They want to be able to find the truth in the most challenging cases. Justice and fairness are their mottoes. We should not because gender stereotypes about careers are only for men or women. With passion and effort, anyone can succeed. For example, the girl Luna Ravel in the game of the same name. Try to experience the game produced by IsCool Entertainment to see how special this girl is.

Luna Ravel mod

Download Luna Ravel mod – Play the role of an excellent female detective

Despite having a weak willow look, Luna Ravel is an experienced and brave detective. Coming to the game Luna Ravel, you will go deep into this girl’s inner world. Thereby, players will discover her personality and way of thinking when working. The game is produced as an attractive photo novel. You know, all the illustrations are hand drawn. The highlights and light and dark colour schemes make Luna Ravel even more demonic and fanciful. Everyone knows that the detective profession must have a sharp and decisive mind. But Luna Ravel cannot avoid falling into the romance of love. This prevents her from performing her duties.

Luna Ravel apk

It is not natural that Luna Ravel is famous throughout the region. The reason her name spread is because Luna Ravel possesses a unique ability. She is not an ordinary detective but a psychological witch. Luna Ravel has the power to make the opponent reveal all their secrets. And even her deepest secrets could not be hidden from her. For investigative work, this strength is a boundless advantage. However, it is not always convenient for Luna Ravel to apply it. It could backfire if she misused this ability or with the wrong person. This endangers the female detective herself.

Luna Ravel mod apk

Solve mysterious cases

The game Luna Ravel will exploit the story of the girl of the same name according to the available storylines. Currently, there is only the story of the missing lake. But the producer promises that new episodes are about to be released. You are looking forward to it. As the heroine in the detective world, Luna Ravel cannot ignore the case of the lake that shook this whole region. Mysteries are often accompanied by metaphysical speculation and horror. Therefore, anglers are worried about their future in this place. At the same time, they expect Luna Ravel to discover the truth and recolour their life here. Sure, you will help the female detective fulfil the fisherman’s wish.

Luna Ravel android

Choose to survive

A detective needs a decisive mind. During the investigation and handling of the case, Luna Ravel encountered many dilemmas. First, they force her to make choices. But choosing wisely or not, you need to help her. Decisions will significantly affect the case, so you need to think carefully. Only when going in the right direction, will the light of truth illuminate the lake. In addition, Luna Ravel also encounters ironic circumstances that hinder her work. For example, encountering an ex-lover while investigating, for example. In addition, touching a long-standing case also touched the demons of the past. So let’s help Luna Ravel stay lucid.

Luna Ravel apk free

Great characters

Luna Ravel and you will meet many interesting characters in this thrilling story. They can be a clue to a legendary case or help you. The first is Lily Rousseau. She is a trainee and very enthusiastic about supporting the players. There is also Peter Wilson – a like-minded British detective who comes here to investigate. Oscar Gao is Luna Ravel’s ex and works as a fisherman here. Does he know anything about the truth of the matter? In particular, there is the appearance of Yasmine Zidi. This is a famous female author. But she was inspired by Luna Ravel to write a lesbian story.

Besides investigating at the lake, Luna Ravel deals with complicated and strange relationships. Will you choose to help this detective? Create your own story with survival decisions. The game Luna Ravel gathers many elements from romance and fiction to mystery that fascinates players. Download Luna Ravel mod and join the super detective to investigate the legendary case.

Download Luna Ravel MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets) for Android

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