Mad Dex MOD APK 1.5.2 (Unlimited money/Unlocked level)

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NameMad Dex APK
Publishergame guild
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Unlocked level
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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What is love to you? Would you dare to risk your life to save love? In life, there are many situations where we have to choose between love and other precious things. Why is that? Maybe it’s because love is too sweet. It brings people happiness, which is considered an essential piece of life. If you follow many hero movies, you will encounter a very familiar motif. When the evil faction wants the hero to do something against their ideals, they will often kidnap the girl the hero loves the most as a hostage. Now, the game maker guild has created a similar story in the game Max Dex. So let’s discover together now.

Mad Dex mod

Download Max Dex mod – Join the journey to rescue love

The hero mentioned in this game coincides with the game title – Max Dex. This is a little guy. Max Dex has a body just the size of a brick. The only difference was that his body was made of flesh and blood, not hard earth or rock. Despite being small, Max Dex is very brave and loyal. That’s why many bad guys don’t like him. Max Dex has a gorgeous girlfriend. But one day, she was taken away. The evil monster caused this. It has come to take over the city and now kidnaps Max Dex’s lover. That cowardice is unacceptable. Now Max Dex must take action to save the girl.

Mad Dex apk

Monsters trap Max’s lover in a very high place. Getting there was not easy. Now, you must help Max Dex safely find a way to the endpoint. Can’t let the monster’s vile claws reach Max’s love. It can be said that Max Dex is a pretty heavy platformer game. Challenges spread along the way that the hero needs to cross. But happiness will wait for Max Dex at the end of the road when his lover is rescued. This game is divided into more than 50 levels. Each level has a different difficulty level. At the same time, each group will also be a rescue screen with its challenges. Although the journey to find happiness is difficult, Max will not give up.

Mad Dex mod apk

Bypassing adjacent trap matrix

A game guild designs max Dex with pitfalls in succession. During the journey to rescue love, it seemed that Max could not have a flat place to rest. The surprises come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common. That is absolute lethality. Just getting caught in a trap and our guy Max lost a life. For example, there are many cog wheels in constant motion on the road. Max is just a tiny piece of meat; if you bump into that gear, it’s over. There are also mini rockets that don’t stop bouncing off the cliffs. Help Max dodge them. Even more challenging is when Max meets the boss and has to confront them.

Mad Dex android

Show off your parkour skills

Our hero must use a particular skill to face countless challenges in Max Dex. It’s parkour. Parkour is a trendy street sport among young people. This genre is characterized by jumping and climbing over difficult obstacles such as roofs, walls, or fences. You can now apply it in the game Max Dex. For example, when standing in front of a bottomless abyss, make a long jump to reach the other wall. The operation is straightforward; you need to press for Max to make the jump. This place also has countless underground traps. Therefore, keep moving before another danger strikes.

Mad Dex apk free

Mark your name on the leaderboard

To encourage players’ fighting spirit, the manufacturer has set up a ranking. That’s where you can compete against players around the globe. Achievements rank based on how long Max rescues love. The shorter the time, the higher your position. The monster’s claws are always waiting to harm the girl, so Max must rush over quickly. After completing each level, you will see your achievements on the screen. Hopefully, the amount of time you have to spend will be less. Bosses can also appear anywhere and get in the way, so pay attention.

Max Dex seems like a simple action game but is quite tricky. Overcoming the tangled traps requires players to be highly skillful and make precise jumps. More than that, Max Dex helps us see the power of love and courage emerging from the little hero. Download Max Dex mod to save love from the monster’s claws together with the hero.

Download Mad Dex MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked level) for Android

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