Mad Dex 2 MOD APK 1.3.5 (Unlimited diamonds)

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NameMad Dex 2 APK
Publishergame guild
MOD FeaturesUnlimited diamonds
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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After the success and enthusiastic response of players for the first season of Mad Dex, Mad Dex 2 continues to be released. Undoubtedly the fun of this game has only increased, not less. In the new part, the old plot is still used. Little Mad Dex continues his journey to overcome suffering to save his lover. She was taken away by a monster. It must be that this is a highly merciless monster. The whole city is being taken over by it. Our Mad Dex is in danger wherever we go. But the love that drives him doesn’t stop. Mad Dex will try to do everything so the monster’s vile clutches can’t reach baby love.

Mad Dex 2 mod

Download Mad Dex 2 mod – Overcome all obstacles

Coming to Mad Dex 2, the story is divided into five chapters for players to explore. Also, 75 levels corresponding to 75 different difficulty levels are waiting for you to decode. Bosses and mobs wait for you at each station to destroy. Choose a strategy for Mad Dex to defeat the monster and undefeated any challenge. Despite his tiny body, Mad Dex is fully capable of becoming a hero. A hero fights to save the love of his life. Also, expose the secret you find on each level. They can be helpful clues on Mad Dex’s quest to free her beloved lover.

Mad Dex 2 apk

Because he captured the city, the monster set traps in every way to stop the hero Mad Dex. The traps vary widely and are difficult to predict. Therefore, players must observe and use precise manipulations in each step. Otherwise, Mad Dex has to sacrifice their lives, and the girl is in the monster’s claws. There are walls where sharp spikes are attached. To pass, the player must have a jump with enough force, not too far nor too close to the point to fall right into the safe space. There is a map full of lava that rises without stopping. If Mad Dex misses and falls, it’s gone. Not to mention the terrifyingly fast-rotating cold-blooded saw blades of large and small sizes.

Mad Dex 2 mod apk

Show off your parkour skills

In Mad Dex 2, hundreds of levels contain many different thorns and pitfalls. However, there is still something in common between these levels. Players can see that most traps are located on the wall, from low to high. Because of that, it is advantageous if you know about parkour. The association between the game and reality will probably help you a lot in this game. Use special parkour skills to dodge all deadly traps and overcome obstacles. Your running speed, jumping, or sticking ability will be assessed through Mad Dex 2. Challenges and pitfalls follow endlessly but don’t give up. Love at the end is waiting for Mad Dex to arrive.

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Race to the top of the world

The producer of Mad Dex 2 has created an element to help stimulate the excitement of players. It’s a global rating. This rating records the player’s achievement after each level. There is the time you complete the mission and the time of the head. Looking at the comparison, players will know how much more effort it takes to get to the top. This motivates you to be competitive and strives for high results. After each level, you can continue or play again to improve your achievement numbers. Medals will be awarded after completing the quick level.

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Many characters with diverse skills

With Mad Dex 2, this little hero can transform into many different characters. Each character is a personality and unique abilities that stand out. For example, the original Max Dex possesses extraordinary speed. He can run very fast through many complex walls. In addition, Mad Dex’s ability to stick is also good, so he will not fall when climbing high. Iceman is more special when there is a jet backpack that helps to fly high and the ability to respawn for free. Like Iceman, Ninja can also respawn. In addition, Ninja also has a practical double jump. Not to forget the Assassin, who can stand firmly on the craggy peaks. At the same time, Assassin owns a missile shield to protect herself from enemy attacks.

With additions and improvements compared to the first season, Mad Dex 2 is guaranteed to make action-loving players satisfied. Besides that, the manufacturer does not miss any reviews to fill the ideas warehouse. The experience that Mad Dex 2 offers is superior to many games of its kind. The leaderboard, the close chase of the enemy, and countless floating and sinking traps will make you have to maximize your speed on the run. Download Mad Dex 2 mod to save love with the hero.

Download Mad Dex 2 MOD APK (Unlimited diamonds) for Android

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