MafiArena MOD APK 1.1.3 (God mode/Dumb enemy)

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NameMafiArena APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MafiArena is a playground for heavyweights who specialize in solving match-3 puzzles. Colourful squares and different shapes are introduced one after another. You will move the position of those tiles so that three cells of the same colour are arranged in the same row. The puzzles are simple, but you have to meet many different opponents, one on one. Not too stressful, but you need to use your brain to show your talented tactical line. The puzzle-solving journey will last forever; you win this level and continue to open a new level. You can’t stop; there is always a unique attraction for you to follow these colourful puzzles.


Download MafiArena mod – Become a match-3 puzzle tycoon

The puzzles gradually become difficult for you,, but you are in control. Each new challenge is a unique experience, unpredictable with puzzles. These diamonds are so bright it helps you earn that extra income. After solving the puzzle, you have time to look back at the amount of money and points you have accumulated. The shape of the gems is also varied when round, diamond, square and more. Corresponding to them are diverse colours, such as blue, red, yellow, and purple. Players enjoy unique matrices without noticing duplication. So put yourself in challenging, high-level situations to compete with others.

The matches occur continuously; there is no shortage of people to challenge. It would be best if you came up with a strategy earlier to show the level of a tycoon. Match 3 or more gems of the same colour, and line them up in a horizontal or vertical row. When creating that shape, it will automatically break, immediately scoring. Each round requires a different number of gems, and the turn is also limited. In the number of turns that MafiArena gives you, use it just enough to complete the set requirements. After each match, the rankings are updated with a new version; what position are you in? The start can be low, but you always have to aim to go further and get first place.

MafiArena mod apk

Try many characters

In MafiArena, to change the atmosphere, players choose their favourite characters. There are many different shapes for you to change; choose the right person for each match. After each challenge, they are ranked so that the player understands their current status. Please find a way to collect as many coins as possible to upgrade each character and let them shine. Dramatic 1vs1 matches, sending representatives of competent people to fight opponents. The ranks of each character are also different, according to the index, to know who matches the next puzzle. Please trust them for quick puzzle-solving levels, loot, and instant levels ups.

MafiArena mod

Use unique skills

The uniqueness of the skill is that each person builds their own. No player can interfere in this matter; it is entirely up to you to decide. To receive power, try to create long rows of gems of the same colour from 4 cells or more. You can transform like lightning thanks to these unique skills. The highest position will be for those who are worthy and launching clear strategies. To improve your skills, you must participate in many plays, use your power proficiently, do not waste it. Collect new loot to exchange for skills and help. Be confident with the skills you have, and then gradually become beneficial.

MafiArena apk

Get great prizes

After each puzzle, MafiArena allows players to open gifts to receive rewards. It can be gold storage, power-ups and more. What you collect is helpful for matches; make full use of it. Giving tips like this every day will only make players stay here forever. The unique gift will attract many players and have that opponent. But that’s okay; reach out to many new audiences to see your level. Win to get more significant rewards, don’t miss the opportunity—larger groups for more valuable items can be accumulated and used for a specific purpose.

MafiArena gives you the feeling of going to conquer jewels and treasures. Although they cannot be exchanged, you will be happier with them daily. The puzzles are constantly being changed, even during playtime. The next tier expands the difficulty by one level, challenging you even more. Ready to confront any player even if the starting point is different. Find all ways to make your character at the top of the rankings. Download MafiArena mod, match 3 similar gems to receive many unique prizes.

Download MafiArena MOD APK (God mode/Dumb enemy) for Android

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