Magic Streets MOD APK 1.1.35 (Unlimited money)

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NameMagic Streets APK
PublisherBuild it Games
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Magic Streets opens up a magical street full of wonders, offering fiery matches. Fight with like-minded heroes for survival in this city. You will have to face unprecedented dangers and fight fiercely. You need to protect yourself and create a chance to survive, build a safe territory to ensure. When facing giant monsters, making a name with heroic feats is not easy. Players can equip themselves with weapons and play strategies to remove barriers on the way to battle.

Magic Streets apk

Download Magic Streets mod – Classic turn-based monster battle

Magic Streets applies turn-based rules, meaning each side will take its turn. Follow up the blows to deliver powerful blows, making the monsters go numb. Because it’s turn-based, monsters will also have the right to counterattack, so don’t be subjective. If you are not confident with your strength, it will be challenging to deal with them; they have been cultivated for a long time. You must perform magic blows, punching enemies in the face to reduce their health. Survival time is limited, so quickly solve your mission. Don’t ignore your opponents; boss fights will always be a big deal in this city.

Magic Streets mod apk

After defeating the boss’s minions, you will be closer to victory. The final boss doesn’t let you down, so fully equipped in all aspects will always be an excellent way to go. It would help if you had clear prevention plans to best respond to each case. Besides fighting day and night, you have to show yourself strong, shown through the outfit. The armor you put on will also prove your ability and find a higher position. Gives a lot of counterattacks and can stay strong even after being hit back. Such turn-based will challenge players and monsters, each proving their talents.

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Build a shelter

Magic Streets is increasingly sprouting big and small houses where you build to have a shelter. An entire village is created, and you can move and explore anytime. It is these towers that will help you experience many points without having to travel. That allows the warriors covering the whole territory to own this land. To have such houses, you must work hard to find resources and save others from receiving rewards. Your merits are recognized and paid in valuable in-kind. Use your terrain to go where your enemies or allies are in battle.

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Join the clan

Making friends with strangers will help you expand your connections in the city. This is your chance to have ideal companions, go together and protect the villagers. Experience the air when many players divide each person into a different locations. Even talk to strangers to earn professional quests. Serial agents are executed, and all involve you. Complete challenges every day, stretching with your teammates. Each character has their strength and tactics, complementing each other for sure success. Make friends, socialize, and set up a team to act on the monster’s plot.

Magic Streets mod

Hero customization

Players can customize their appearance, costumes, and weapons. Pick something that you love and think will benefit each of your matches. Each level increases and your chances of owning many items increase rapidly. Just keep improving yourself to fight the enemy without fear of anything. Magic Streets offers top-notch weapon systems and a wide range of quality armor. You can confidently stand before your opponent to counterattack without fear of being nerfed. It is that equipment that is helping you get closer to victory, leading the guild. Fight hard for more chances to shine in the best outfit.

Magic Streets with you to fully explore the city to survive the dangers together. Filled with giant monsters, they were positioned all over the road. Save those dying, victims, and even those who are healthy. Take them out of the place of pressure and subject them to the oppression of the evil plot of the monster. Build your stronghold, and use strategies to approach the enemy. The long adventure of mighty heroes will end with glorious victories. Download Magic Streets mod, fight in the streets, and counterattack stars.

Download Magic Streets MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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