Manor Matters MOD APK 4.9.1 (Unlimited Stars)

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NameManor Matters APK
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SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Come to Manor Matters and become a professional advisor. Castlewood – a manor with many mysteries in need of change. You will be the companion with Carl and her assistant to carry out that task. Make that dark space appear with a completely different image. However, in the implementation process, there will also be many unexpected things that will happen. Enter each door that is opened and face everything that happens. It is also a place for you to show your bravery and courage. Explore everything in the manor, complete the desired goal.

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Download Manor Matters mod – Background in the old manor

Everything that appears in front of you will bring surprise to the players. Manor Matters is not an option if you are a shy person. But don’t be afraid to skip an exciting game! The jobs provided by Manor Matters will bring many exciting experiences for players. Plan and prepare everything to make the manor stand out. Make each room brighter and more beautiful. It will all depend on the skills and ideas that you implement. Adventure in the house and enjoy a variety of emotions while playing.

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You will see the old, broken furniture starting to enter the house. All must be remodeled from the exterior to the interior, transforming the new image for the manor. One thing that can scare many players in the evening time. The appearance of bats flying in this space in swarms. Calmness will be the way for you to get over this feeling and get on with your mission. Quickly complete the work, renew the house to be more beautiful. Show off your detective skills against a variety of puzzles. Face the challenges ahead, find the hidden objects.

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The scale of Castlewood

Castlewood is undeniably shabby after being abandoned for a while. But its scale is vast for you to make renovations. Therefore, it will take a long time to get everything done. It is necessary to be highly focused and implement specific plans to keep up with the schedule. Do everything yourself, help Carl, and know all the secrets in this place. Entering each room will also be the jobs that will be displayed. Take advantage of some furniture that is still usable, saving maximum costs. Your efforts will also help you get the results you deserve. Get to work on making Castlewood more epic than ever.

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Uncover the mystery

There will be many things that you cannot know all about in the house itself. That is also the interesting point that the game brings. Stepping inside the rooms, all the new challenges really begin. Restore each location and space you want. Find hidden valuables, buy more necessary items. Decode each puzzle to get everything quickly. Players will transform into a detective, solving all problems that occur. Relying on your skill and speed will be the answer to all. Explore every area, change the house into more sparkling. Get many stars and get a beautiful manor.

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Fascinating plot

The context that Manor Matters brings will make many people curious. The story presented will not make any gamer bored. Take players to levels and experience with each different storyline. Each door that is opened will bring you to a new room. The difficulty through each level will also increase and cause many obstacles for players. Utensils will also be more carefully hidden, making them difficult for you to find. Focus on finding out before time runs out. In some cases too difficult, watch the ad to get helpful hints. Complete tasks to receive items and stars. Solve all the puzzles to get everything you want.

A place contains many mysteries waiting for you to discover. Manor Matters is the playground for those who like to be sought after and intense. Change the space for the rooms, transform the manor to be more beautiful right in Manor Matters mod.

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