Master MOD APK 1.13.19 (Menu/Unlimited money/God mode)

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NameMaster APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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True to its name, the Master game directs players to the level of mastery of all weapons in every battle. In it, you have to create your weapons. Just trained them to fight a large number of monsters. The competition will take place on a vast land. This place is so big that it can hold a lot of monsters in it, including players – who will destroy all monsters to increase their strength. The battle never stops because every time you kill a monster, another monster will be spawned immediately. All are programmed to attack the main character, which is the time to show strength.

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Download Master mod – Master any weapon you like

Master is a game with simple rules where players only need to attack and destroy monsters in infinite time. All will only end until the monsters defeat you. The number of monsters you kill will be converted into scores, creating your records. So the most challenging element in Main is finding out who will become the longest survivor. Monsters in the Master will always follow the herd and have equal strength. The main exception is bosses with superior size and strength. However, the boss only appears after a certain number of rounds. So keep killing as many monsters as you can.

Players can choose from three character classes equivalent to three warriors. The first is a melee attack warrior using a sword, with the ability to swing the sword in his hand. Sworders are strong in skirmishes with a large number of monsters. He can deal damage to multiple monsters at once but will be at a disadvantage when fighting long-range attacking monsters. The second is that archers are very convenient for shooting at great distances, have fast arrow firing speed, and broad range skills. But the health will be pretty low and easy to defeat if approached by monsters. Finally, a mage with the ability to use magic in every moment of the battle.

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Simple and attractive gameplay

Like many other role-playing games, players will use Joystick to move the character around. On the opposite side will be skill buttons to use in attacking monsters. Monsters always move toward the character at any time. Therefore, you should constantly move to avoid being damaged by them because I can move while using monster attack skills; every warrior in Main is very mobile, even with melee attacks. Depending on the monster you face, there will be different tactics. With melee monsters that move continuously, ranged monsters will be helpless against warriors with a large amount of armor. Winning the Master’s will not be too difficult.

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Huge collection of weapons

The most prominent in the Master’s attack mechanism is the massive weapon system. There are hundreds of weapons for all three classes that you can use if you own them in the game. Most are related to their character classes of swords, bows, and magic staff. But each weapon has a distinct design that feels fresh. Along with the change in appearance are the bonus power stats. Not a little help for skill effects created in combat. Additional stats include damage, health, attack speed, movement speed, armor… Many other factors make the perfect weapon against an army of monsters.

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Rate of receiving surprise gifts

Winning each round will give you a slight chance to get treasure chests. These chests also have a chance to unlock rare equipment or items needed by the character. It is a worthy reward for fighting and winning. Usually, boss battles will have a much higher chance of getting treasure chests than other normal levels. So you can be sure that you get rewarded while playing the game. Every weapon, from the most common to the rarest, has a chance to open in the chest. Use your luck to create many unexpected moments. There are additional tools to increase the power of the character.

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Practice with your favorite weapon. A mix of fighting styles between physical and magic damage. Fight alone to defeat hundreds of dangerous monsters across the vast land. Master is a perfect stress reliever game in stressful times. Suppose you need a simple game with a constant fighting element that doesn’t stop. It will be an excellent and fast vertical play Master mod.

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