Mathmages MOD APK (Weak Enemy/Onehit)

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NameMathmages APK
PublisherFlying Saci Game Studio
MOD FeaturesWeak Enemy/Onehit
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Mathmages welcomes you to the magical world where puzzles are set. Great challenges are waiting for adventurers to visit, and vast lands are gradually being exploited. You will act on your acquired knowledge and apply it to solve math puzzles. It’s also simple, not too fussy, but enough to make you attractive. Besides, the magic element will make you more interesting, and the effects are also designed magically. This unique playground is only for the talented adventurer. Immerse yourself in character to discover all the events played here.

Mathmages mod

Download Mathmages mod – Combine puzzles with magic

A kingdom filled with colors and magical elements, will you own this place in the future? When coming here, the goal is to solve many simple or complicated puzzles, so do not be subjective. Magical elements always make players curious and want to explore. This journey only ends when you have solved all the mysteries that Mathmages brings here. Amazing creatures can also become your companions. Evolve and adjust spells, collect special colored water bottles and create miracles. Discover what suits your abilities and successfully solve puzzles.

Mathmages apk free

Math puzzles need to be solved by you in the shortest time. Simple calculations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, have been set up by Mathmages here. The number board is located in the right corner of the screen, look at the question and give the best answer. After each success, you will receive valuable trophies. It could be diamonds, a magic potion, and a magic wand. You are accumulating the latest energies to become a magic expert. Living in a magical kingdom will satisfy this goal of yours. Start exploring the world with fantastic creatures, and go deep inside to feel the surprise.

Mathmages mod apk

Using the power of the mage

If there is any danger in this kingdom, immediately use extraordinary power. Standing in front of your opponent, you will feel scared and confused and don’t know how to handle it. But that’s just a perspective when you first join, and then you are ready for any battle. Challenges have been arranged by Mathmages along the way, going from one surprise to another. Conflicts are entirely possible and affect your ability. If you fail many times, your strength will also gradually weaken. You can’t always depend on magical elements. Players need a balance between magic and intelligence in strategies.

Mathmages apk

Solve math equations

Math puzzles will always make you more innovative and more responsive. This is a playground for you to entertain but also a time for you to exercise your brain. The logic of math will help to some extent for, the player to improve how to take revenge on the opponent, shown through brilliant strategic hits without losing too much strength or magical ability. Your brain can be applied in any situation as long as your brain is trained. Survive challenges, and answer more than math questions. Numbers, from simple to complex, make you think. The player’s response speed will be significantly improved after each level.


Create magic

You seem to have turned into a witch possessing many special powers. Your power can evolve as it is today due to the mix of the loot you receive. Creating a new shape for the main character is the first step to success in mixing. Each level will reward you, after each puzzle, there are more items. Your expensive cards correspond to costly diamonds. Your collection is growing more affluent, surrounded by magic. Hold the magic wand, and spell in the right place to achieve the effect. Live with magic to increase the vibrancy of your kingdom.

Mathmages promotes math puzzles to test the player’s intelligence. You may feel lost amid this vast kingdom, but having a creature with you will lessen it somewhat. Win challenges to get a big score and get three stars. Your journey will end and is shown through a scoreboard that includes the number of correct answers, experience points, and reaction speed to questions. It would help if you also collected coins in this adventure in exchange for more items. Download Mathmages mod, face the devil, and do math puzzles.

Download Mathmages MOD APK (Weak Enemy/Onehit) for Android

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