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Games containing historical and legendary elements may be familiar to you, but Mech Wars will take you into a completely different world. It’s a fantasy world – a futuristic world with robots. In Mech Wars, space is opened up into a multiverse, multi-planet. Instead of fighting on the familiar planet, players will enjoy the war on the alien world. The army of robots is being improved with excellent fighting power to prevent evil forces from space encroachment on the earth. They will be the iron warriors to keep the world and humanity at peace. And you, in the role of commander, help the robot army win on every planet, every battle.

Mech Wars mod

Download Mech Wars mod – Join in protecting the planet

The action game Mech Wars opens the scene of fiery clashes on many planets. From there, players will see how vast the universe is. Observing the battlefield, there are places where there are only rocks and mountains. Elsewhere, ice and snow cover the terrain. Even maps are as dark as if the sun had not yet reached them. Do people often ask questions about what other planets will have besides humans? And at Mech Wars, the theory that aliens are intent on invading the earth has opened. So Mech Wars needs you to join us to protect our planet.

Mech Wars apk

Mech Wars warriors accompanying you will be mighty robots. Build your almighty team of robots how to make them obey the orders that we give them. Robots here will include many types. It can be a light, medium, or heavy-duty robot. Each class will have its unique strengths and abilities, and features. It is necessary to choose according to the battle situation to dispatch troops accordingly. Because no matter which robot, it must have the proper strength to complete the task in the best way. In addition, the support or cooperation between heavy and light robots also makes the fight less difficult. How will you command this iron army well?

Mech Wars mod apk

Modern equipment

No matter what space or planet you are in, fighting is still indispensable. As a fantasy game, your robot in Mech Wars has a wide selection of weapons, for example, lasers with the ability to destroy compactly and accurately. Missiles fired with great destruction. In addition, guns of all sizes and styles are not out of the selection. You can maximum equip each warrior to increase their strength. The location to mount the weapon should also be considered for the convenience of the robot when fighting. In addition to strengthening the existing army, add to the squad other robots. Thus, the armor that protects the earth is hardened and more confident.

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The fighting broke out.

Thanks to the robots with the most modern equipment, the battles in Mech Wars are always fierce. This game is designed in a multiplayer style. You will be against six other armies. The battle time is calculated according to the actual time, making the race more stressful and dramatic. Every minute, every second counts down to suffocating suspense. Before the dense gunfire of the opponent, it is necessary to coordinate your robot troops skillfully. The design of moving in a circle makes our robot flexible in any terrain. In addition, the Mech Wars screen displays a variety of available attack buttons. Your job is to use it at the right time. Don’t forget the armor on the right side to block dangerous attacks.

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Impressive graphics

Gorgeous 3D graphics are also the factors that make the fictional world of Mech Wars real. Robots are not rigid or stereotyped. The founder of MOMEND has helped them to have many lively and flexible gestures. The creation of details is also very meticulous, from armor, buttons… The light patches, dark patches, and color polish make the player feel like he is holding a real robot, not just through the screen. In addition, a variety of pre-designed maps help alleviate boredom and evoke the vastness of this universe. Delightful is probably the proper adjective to describe the graphics that Mech Wars brings.

Hey sci-fi fans, come to Mech Wars right now. The game offers both extreme graphics and heroic missions. Imagine how proud you are to be in the role of a hero who commands an army to protect the earth. You will be surprised to encounter forces from other planets and explore the vastness of the solar system. Try now with two attractive modes: skirmish and assault. Don’t hesitate. Mech Wars mod will take you to the fantastic experience of the future and robot science.

Download Mech Wars MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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