Mechangelion MOD APK 1.81 (Unlimited money)

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NameMechangelion APK
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The endless battle between monsters and robots will come to fruition as you experience Mechangelion. Unlock many new powers to defeat the giant enemies right before your eyes. New items will be your most attractive gift whenever you defeat an enemy. Only you will have to fight many different types of enemies. And they’re so huge they’re gigantic, so you don’t just need guns or cannons to defeat them. The power to repel huge enemies comes from the player’s combination. You will have to combine attack and defence at the same time. Avoid being blown away by them immediately in the early stages of this brutal battle.

Mechangelion mod

Download Mechangelion mod – Fight against giant enemies

Your primary role in Mechangelion is as a warrior in a strange world. There exist many giant monsters with many different shapes. Those are giant dinosaurs revived in the modern world. Or giant robots with many dangerous weapons equipped on them. Sometimes it will be an alien monster with an inexplicable shape. They are all human enemies and need you to defeat them to restore peace to the world. However, your size is too small for them. That’s why we need a lot of modern weapons explicitly designed to destroy monsters. They will be immediately introduced to the player.

The player’s weapons are the most advanced technologies that humans can create. They are also dedicated to attacking and taking down giant monsters. Weapons in Mechangelion are diversely designed and guaranteed to have never appeared before. You will see cannons with unique designs and perfect power for giant monsters. Even magic is the preferred power in Mechangelion. All can be unlocked with the money you earn from the quest. Most quests will be to defeat certain monsters that are roiling the city. Let’s start with primary weapons and work up to invincible power.

Mechangelion mod apk

Tough giant rivals

All enemies in Mechangelion are giants due to their severe mutation. Their massive increase in size is one of their most dangerous characteristics. Each type of monster has its strengths and weaknesses. That will be introduced to you before each level to understand and confront them. Giant dinosaurs will become weaker when using big laser cannons. Robots have difficulty with the variety of spells you possess. Giant insects are very afraid when confronted with weapons capable of releasing poison. Choose the right weapon before each battle if you don’t want to be blown away.

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Combine moves and attacks

Players must attack, defend, and move to favourable positions when fighting giant enemies. Since they are so much bigger than you, there will be a lot of ways to attack. The attack area is also larger than usual. You will almost be hit by an enemy’s attack and lose a fair amount of health. Hence defence is almost certainly necessary. There are five buttons on the screen for you to use freely. Includes two buttons to attack enemies and two to move left or right. Finally, the defence button summons a giant shield. Attack when the enemy is confused and defend when the enemy wants to attack you.

Mechangelion mod free

Continuous upgrade mechanism

Monsters will get stronger and stronger and possess many unique abilities. Therefore, you also have to upgrade your strength to confront them fairly. The upgrade mechanism is introduced at the beginning of the game. You use the bonuses earned from the levels as the primary exchange. The goal is to upgrade the weapons you use in battle. Upgrade armour to withstand monster attacks. Upgrading the shield gives you more than one defence from danger. Everything needs to be upgraded and perfected to a specific limit. The monster’s level will be proportional to its strength and hardness.

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Challenge many giant monsters with the power of your creation and combination. Use a variety of tactics and actions to ensure safety in every battle. MassivThere is many nightmares, so you won’t know how to confront the enemy. Prepare every possible power you have to defeat them and restore peace to the city. Download Mechangelion mod and be the only one to save the future city.

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