Medieval Merge MOD APK 1.57.0 (Unlimited money)

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NameMedieval Merge APK
PublisherPixodust Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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After the monster ravages, a scene of desolation was the result that the villages suffered. It takes someone to deal with those problems and consequences. This is also what players will experience in Medieval Merge mod. Playing as the heroines who quell the rebellion, you will be the one to rebuild the village. A series of challenges and difficulties on the way to create that you will have to go through. Medieval Merge will help you get a realistic and exciting experience when playing the female knight in the game. Dedicate your talents and powers to bring a village full of life and newness. Are you ready for these challenges? Get dressed and act now!

Medieval Merge mod

Download Medieval Merge mod – Rebuild the village

An enormous task that you have to go through is to rebuild the ruined lands. The invasion of monsters reversed and changed everything. The peaceful land where the inhabitants lived before is now only in ruins. The trees were scattered, the fields withered, and the houses were severely damaged. Difficulties pile up difficulties before your eyes. Everything is so dull and lifeless. What will you have to do to change and restore the former livable scene? Answering this question is that you have completed the most crucial goal Medieval Merge set out. Along with the reincarnation were the combat quests as well.

Medieval Merge mod android

In Medieval Merge, anything can be incomplete. The player must find the imperfection and find a way to fix it. A story with a clear theme and content will lead players to continue the journey. The actions that players take will contribute to transforming everything. The end of the story depends on each player himself. There is no specific tip that can be given in Medieval Merge. You will notice that there are many similarities in the gameplay of the game with the familiar match 3 puzzle game genre. Take advantage of the tools and weapons you are provided with to complete your quest step by step.

Medieval Merge mod download

Complete the questions

The puzzles in Medieval Merge are all based on merge mechanics. The fact that gamers find the necessary items will help you get the answer you want. The purpose of the game company when creating puzzles in Medieval Merge is for players to have new items. But these tools are all familiar items. It can be knives, axes, hammers, gloves… Each of these things will bring certain benefits to the player. The journey to building the village will not be without them. The sophistication and intelligence of each will help you quickly get them all.

Medieval Merge mod free

Defeat the enemy

Fighting is also an equally important task in Medieval Merge. It seems the monsters and enemies haven’t given up yet. They still made attacked the village. However, these attacks don’t scale. But you still have to be wary of them. Equip yourself with melee weapons. At the same time, they constantly upgrade and unleash their power from them. Repel and quell all plots from these enemies. You will have to ensure the peace of the people.

Medieval Merge mod apk

Explore and enjoy

Each area that you set foot in will be an exciting discovery. Players enjoy the surrounding landscape. New items can only be collected as the player moves to different locations. In Medieval Merge, a large map will satisfy you. It will be a unique experience for our heroine. Download Medieval Merge mod journey to restore the ruined village and demonstrate the ability of a hero.

Download Medieval Merge MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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1 year ago

The game needs to be updated, this is a very old version, please update it

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