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NameMerge Archers APK
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Merge Archers become fusion masters, creating epic bow and arrow battles. Players will join a warrior team with excellent members. You will control those heroes to perform a series of bows and arrows at the opponent. The forces on both sides are equal, but the playing strategy is the opposite. The soldiers joined forces to make resounding victories, affirming their position in this world. The other team is also trying to achieve their goals, and so are you, so there is no need to compromise with anyone. With turn-based gameplay, you should take advantage of every opportunity to reflect. Otherwise, it is easy to fail.

Merge Archers mod

Download Merge Archers mod – Merge combat warriors

If the warriors are the same, then you will do the job of merging. This is a way for players to build a strong army and unlock a more muscular hero. With heavy opponents, this is a way for you to improve your strength and combat ability. The stickman archers were originally just tiny warriors; they took on a larger stature after the fusion process. Not only have the looks upgraded, but the talents of those characters have also been boosted. Recruit powerful heroes to replenish human resources as well as you will feel more confident when fighting. Build a team of quality heroes, and exploit the strengths of unity.

Merge Archers apk free

Combining archers in Merge Archers will help you go further in showdowns. The terrain is flexible but usually on high cliffs. This place is the goalkeeper of each player. Usually, you will have blue, and the opponent is red. If you can protect your residence, you will succeed, don’t let it be lost, unfortunately. Continuously discharge bows and arrows at the opponent; even if they do not hit, at least they can threaten them. The game’s turn will stop when you are defeated, or the opponent, split counterattack, whoever is defeated first will lose. The number of bows and arrows that were fired was immeasurable, and each warrior contributed to creating a rain of bullets.

Merge Archers android

Customize shooting angle

Because the two generations stand far from each other, to counterattack, you need to adjust the angle of the shot to let the bow and arrow fly out. Players must hold on to the screen, choose a standard curve and release their hand. This is important because if you miss, the opponent is not harmed, and they have more opportunities to fight back. The bow and arrow fly forward, shooting at the angle you choose. It may not be perfect the first time, but it will be better the next time you learn from the experience. You can self-align your shooting level and increase or decrease the most reasonable. Use your shot wisely, don’t let it go to waste. How much shooting angle is also displayed on the screen, accurately tracked, and felt?

Merge Archers mod apk

Weapon flexibility

Merge Archers will let players experience bows, cannons, and other weapons. You have many choices, but the number of matches will be limited. Please take advantage of every opportunity to protest; letting a turn fly away without hitting an opponent is futile. Sharp arrows are launched in turn, and you are the one to control them. When merging warriors, you also somewhat increase the power of weapons. The power fired when upgraded will be more destructive. Flexibly change weapons to achieve the effect it brings to the match. Not all opponents are the same; changing equipment will propel the game explosively.

Merge Archers apk

Defend the keeper

Your goalkeeper is at the top, so be very careful; once destroyed by the opponent, everything will be destroyed. This is your position in matches in Merge Archers, so you must hold on to the last second. The towers were built up, keeping their life for the longest time. The goalkeepers are elaborately built, and through each level, your residence is expanded. The competition was evenly matched; neither side would give in. Do you know who your opponents are; what do you need to do to defeat them? Allocate a reasonable force to encircle your entire defense. Continuously reload, shoot and correct the angle to hit the opponent with the most arrows.

Merge Archers combine archers in front of the keeper and take action against the enemy. The force is increasingly crowded, and the level is increasing, so the investment in human resources is never wrong. You will master the shot and build the team of warriors according to your desires. Despite its small body, but with extraordinary power, it is always sought after. Defeat the fastest enemies, taking advantage of every turn when it’s your turn. Combine weapons that match your tactics for a great showdown. Download Merge Archers mod, merge warriors and protect the castle safely.

Download Merge Archers MOD APK (Free Hero Purchased) for Android

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