Merge Christmas MOD APK 1.22 (Unlimited money)

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NameMerge Christmas APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Combine everything in your home to get your best Christmas decorations. Merge Christmas combines both puzzles and designs to challenge the player’s brain. Santa’s house is the dream of many children around the world. That will come true in Merge Christmas when you will be the one to decorate the house of Santa Claus. A great game to play at Christmas with friends. Just puzzles and an unadorned house. It all boils down to a long time of clearing your puzzles. Get the rewards and start decorating this beautiful house.

Merge Christmas mod

Download Merge Christmas mod – Christmas and magic

Christmas has begun in all the countryside and towns. Now people are very active in decorating their houses. You too, but you don’t have any original ideas in mind. That’s when Merge Christmas helps you with decorative items. The criterion is around simple matching puzzles but with massive numbers. If you win, you will receive many unique decorative gifts. Change any nook and cranny in your house to be more lively and have a more Christmas atmosphere. There are also more adventures outside in mysterious and fascinating snow.

The rule is straightforward but sometimes makes it difficult for players to realize this ingenious combination. You will use objects to combine, creating a completely new thing. These objects will be selected to decorate each different room. Find the right stuff for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and toilet… Then Santa will give you a score based on your decoration style. If you decorate well, you will be rewarded with new items and unlock new rooms for further decoration. In Merge Christmas, you will have a lot of opportunities to discover secrets related to Santa that almost no one knew before.

Merge Christmas mod apk

Various combinations of objects

The number of objects in Merge Christmas must be in the thousands in addition to the essential items. They can also combine and create entirely new things. The rule is that every two things combine to create a new something. So, we will get dozens or hundreds of other items from any ten items. A sheet of paper combined with a cover makes an entire book. The combination is simple but easy to recognize, so anyone can realise it if they analyze them carefully. These objects will play a role in any position in the room. A room needs to be able to hold the required number of items.

Merge Christmas mod apk free

Help the creatures

The story will also take place outside your house when a lot of events need the player’s help. Animals can get trapped in one way or another. Or the townspeople have a problem and can’t solve it themselves. Now you will be the one to help them by using the items you have created. When you allow those characters, they will reward you with a personal thing. Sometimes they even guide us to stories related to Santa Claus. Start a new adventure and puzzles to access that mysterious man.

Merge Christmas mod free

Unlock new challenges

A room requires quite a bit of decoration and separate time to complete. It depends on how big the house you will have to decorate. Challenges are divided into different rooms. Each room requires a fixed number of decorative objects. They will contain additional hints about the item if you can’t find them. There are also several characters in the room for you to interact with and seek recommendations from them. After completing a room, you will immediately unlock the new space. They will be more complex and take longer to complete. Decorating an entire finished home would be a huge accomplishment.

Merge Christmas free

Use your wits and innate design skills to make your homes more gorgeous this Christmas. Look for Santa Claus and extraordinary fairy tales related to gifts. The interaction and beautiful puzzles will make you constantly experience the Merge Christmas mod. Mainly during Christmas, with the atmosphere conveyed by the game’s theme.

Download Merge Christmas MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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