Merge Farm! MOD APK 3.11.9 (Unlimited money)

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NameMerge Farm! APK
PublisherGram Games Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Merge Farm! Create a farm, manage and grow daily to earn a tremendous amount of money. Play the role of a hardworking farmer, harvesting dozens of products daily, bringing the farm’s reputation far and wide. Players will use the merge mechanism to perform product upgrades, evolving excellent crops. Your mission is to develop the farm your way and enjoy relaxing moments in the countryside. Harvest delicious fruits, green vegetables, and many new foods to enrich yourself. Serving and providing customers to have a profitable business. Make a living by managing the farm and creating food for delivery.

Merge Farm mod

Download Merge Farm! mod – Merge farm to grow

Players grow many different crops, and the more varieties, the farm is diverse. So you need to merge seedlings of the same type to create a new product. From rice grains to flowering rice plants, making rice to eat daily. Like other plants, every two similar products merge to create a new, more perfect item. Get them harvested according to the original plan, and sell them for money to expand your farm. With just a simple operation, drag foods of the same size together. Merge Farm Challenge! created to target many objects, so it is easy to control, and the purpose is also completed in a short time.

The farmer works hard, plowing day and night to produce a great product. There are wide varieties for you to choose from; the decision on how to grow is all up to you. This farm is now owned by you, and just a tiny mistake will make everything fall apart. You are responsible for its development, so you must take care of it thoroughly to get the product to return. Receive many goods to build a career and money in your pocket like water. Just merge similar varieties, and it will upgrade itself, and the final product will have value. Bring a massive daily harvest with a few simple moves; let’s get to work!

Merge Farm mod apk

Farm management

A daily quest that Merge Farm! The challenge is to manage the farm. It’s not too difficult for you to do that; just nurture the plant to grow and harvest. The expansion of the farm is also a necessary task to perform, but it takes time. Choose a place with fertile soil, and put plants or animals in it to start caring for it. Around the farm are many open lands, and decorating with animals like cats is also an initiative. Tractors and garden tools will also appear fully to serve the farm management process. The breed of many different species of plants accelerates the fusion speed to get the resulting product.

Merge Farm apk

Harvest products

Merge Farm! allow each player to perform tasks like a real farmer. You are also talented and know how to cultivate and create beneficial products. Players can harvest in any season, at any time; everything is ready if you are careful. The orders placed by the guests will be displayed at the top of the screen; look at them and harvest. You pay attention to it to avoid the case the product that does not need to be harvested has been made, and the required product cannot be met. Completing orders all expand your opportunities to grow your farm. Take care carefully, and do not let any product go to waste.

Merge Farm android

Diversity of plants

Merge Farm! There is a whole system of plant varieties for players to conquer each day. Farmers need to innovate the tree species to increase their attractiveness as well as meet the needs of customers. It can be carrots, rice, apples, eggplants, grapes, and many other crops. Each variety will have a different fusion method, depending on its ripeness. Regardless of the type of plant, you need to combine two products of the same kind. The merge operation for all crops is the same, as long as it meets the buyer’s requirements. Harvested products are sold, and sometimes you will sell them immediately to customers; not enough quantity, you have to speed up to timely delivery to partners.

Merge Farm! Explore the farm, and perform novel missions. Being a farmer has never been so easy, to experience many exciting things. You follow the farm’s progress, looking for ways to improve it quickly. The products are harvested, sold, and make a lot of money. The money you earn will buy new plants or expand more arable land. Build a large-scale farm with a variety of different plants. Download Merge Farm! mod, own the farm, and plan to develop it.

Download Merge Farm! MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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