Merge Life MOD APK 1.29.1 (Unlimited money, energy, stars)

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NameMerge Life APK
PublisherLion Studios Plus
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, energy, stars
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Merge Life challenges with a unique role, becoming a mother to care for her children. Your daily task is to nurture and meet a newborn baby’s needs. Mainly you will build rooms with diverse designs; designs are born of your creativity. Also, organize fun activities and complete challenges to increase the child’s new level. They will constantly fuss if not experienced, giving you a headache. Every day we have to visit it on a mission to help them grow. According to the simulation, the handsome son will bring a lot of new wind, creating a vivid image from birth to adulthood.

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Download Merge Life mod – Complete life merge

The mission you receive when you come to Merge Life is to be a talented mother. Although you did not directly give birth to it, it can be considered as blood, dedicated to its development. Sticking since birth, not knowing how to walk, only drinking milk through the day. Nutrients are loaded into the body continuously, this has created a stepping stone to help it grow up like any other child. Just take the fusion challenge and a child life is formed. The responsibility this time is quite big, raising a baby is never easy. The bigger the problem, the more problems arise, it’s up to you how you take it. So the decision is in hand, ecstatic in the cute or annoyed?

Merge Life mod apk

The match-3 challenge will be incorporated into the Merge Life minigame. This is a condition for you to conquer larger items, complete many valuable prizes that will belong to you. Look at the required amount collected in each level, move the fruit and vegetable icons into positions so that they combine into 3 identical boxes. Similar products are combined, from 4 cells will create explosive power. Make sure to conquer the number without exceeding the turn of each level to be successful. The cuteness of the shapes will make players more excited than ever. Each play is a different matrix, not duplicate, so it is easier to attract.

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Completing the bedroom

Each baby in Merge Life has the right to own a separate room. This is where he can play, eat, and do whatever he likes. Its hyperactivity makes it difficult for you, but love will make up for everything. With your own hands, you will create trendy designs for the room; many models are born. Fully furnished is also one of the goals you are aiming for when implementing the idea. Babies will grow up, different ages will have new needs so room renovations happen more often. From infant room, to toddler, teen, young adult and adult, each age needs its own special equipment.

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Touching the dream

As your kids grow up, career pressures start to mount. You are considered an experienced person, such a great motherhood. Your child will now have to decide for himself, choosing a career that he is truly passionate about. Many trends are opened for astronauts, scientists, and music enthusiasts, and the right to choose is increasing. This process is essential because when you reach adulthood, you will have to take care of your own Life. The mother will feel happy when raising a talented child. You have taken care of it since birth, so try to be an adult, don’t give up midway, but pity the child.

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Unlock new items

Merge Life organizes match-3 challenges for players to participate and accumulate points. This is a playground for those who want to improve their children’s lives quickly. As a teenager, your son will be your companion in every challenge. It will hold a hammer if it receives new energy, an endless power source to help you overcome difficulties. Unlocking new levels is how you conquer; the more diverse you are, the more attractive you are. Level up continuously, and increase your child’s age thanks to this unified match-3 minigame. Completing the orders, the goals are received with the expected results.

Merge Life expands the gameplay in a simulated way, continuing the dream but extremely interesting. There are hundreds of materials to merge, every similar shape you put in a row. If you meet the requirements at each level, you will receive a valuable bonus; this property will serve the child’s later Life. Catch the pace of its Life, serving every request. Explore and witness the dramatic changes in the nurturing period. Many surprises will come most naturally, and you will all benefit. Download Merge Life mod, take on the role of a mother, and take care of a newborn baby.

Download Merge Life MOD APK (Unlimited money, energy, stars) for Android

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