Merge Master – Immortal Heroes MOD APK 0.2.0 (Unlimited money)

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NameMerge Master – Immortal Heroes APK
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The way to strengthen your warriors in Merge Main – Immortal Heroes is to combine them constantly. Based on a bit of inspiration from the auto-chess genre that rocked the gaming market for a while, Merge Master – Immortal Heroes takes players to a more straightforward but still tactical battlefield. Combine similar warriors to create stronger high-level warriors. How do coordinate the warriors to defeat the enemy? You need to know those things well if you want to become a master in Merge Master – Immortal Heroes. And if you are a new player, learn from the most basic things. Rest assured because it will only cost you a short practice match.

Merge Master – Immortal Heroes mod

Download Merge Master – Immortal Heroes mod – Combine continuously to create the strongest force

The battlefield will take the shape of a chessboard. But that doesn’t mean you and your opponent will play chess in this game. Instead, the pieces are changed into mighty warriors. Their style is inspired by fantasy. A fan of the role-playing game series will undoubtedly feel familiar. Place warrior units on the board to fight against opponents on the other side of the line. After each turn, you will be provided with several other warrior units. If you’re lucky, you can collect 3 of the same warriors. Combine them to create an upgraded warrior with outstanding strength.

Before the start of the battle, you and your opponent own an equal number of points. After each contest, the loser will be deducted several points, similar to the number of warriors left by the winner on the chessboard. You probably don’t need to know about this mechanism too much. Because your primary purpose is to arrange a powerful army to win, both factions will gain experience to level up through each turn. Leveling up increases the maximum number of warriors you can put on the battle board. The number at the maximum level is ten warriors. That is more than enough for you to show off your top tactics. Find ways to counter enemy pieces to win sweetly and overwhelmingly.

Merge Master – Immortal Heroes mod apk

Diverse warrior system

Warriors are units that you will control on the chessboard. With high tactics, combat units must also be divided into various types. We have soldiers who are always at the vanguard and shielding our comrades. It would help to put them in the first rows to protect the attack line behind. Gunners or mages are thin units. They have significant damage but are easy to take down in melee. Please bring them to the lowest row to comfortably deal damage. Assassins and supporters will be placed in the center. Killers freely move around and finish off secret enemies. Also supports recovery and creates effects for the whole squad.

Merge Master – Immortal Heroes mod apk free

Tense boss fights

In PvE mode, the player must control the warriors to fight against many forces of monsters. Each win gives you more hero units and gold coins. Interestingly, the levels with monsters in Merge Master – Immortal Heroes are not as simple as you think. They are arranged in many effective tactical formations of the developer. Sometimes it will make it more or less difficult for players. The most notable are the challenging boss fights. When you do not finish them in the allotted time, they will lose their patience and become violent. Their attacks have much higher speed and damage. To create a squad with enough counterpower needed to overcome them.

Merge Master – Immortal Heroes mod free

Luck is a tactic

PvP levels are the destination for every player who prefers more competition. Here many players will use the tactics and formations obtained to compete. You and your opponent will have the option to choose a starting unit. After each turn, the unit store will change. Players use gold to buy units and put them into battle formations. If they are not strong enough, buy them and put them in the queue. Warriors in the queue will not move or fight until you put them on the board or buy a third unit to upgrade. A team can be upgraded to a maximum of 3 stars. If you’re lucky enough, an entire 3-star squad should be easy.

Merge Master – Immortal Heroes free

Deal with the situation and create the best winning moments. Merge Master – Immortal Heroes is a convenient and perfect playground for players to show off their tactics. Create powerful hero units and combine them with the ideal formation. Defeat evil monsters and those who stand in your way to becoming a true hero. Download Merge Master – Immortal Heroes mod for many calculated chessboard battles.

Download Merge Master – Immortal Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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