Merge Plants – Monster Defense MOD APK 1.13.5 (Unlimited diamonds)

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NameMerge Plants – Monster Defense APK
PublisherOneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited diamonds
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

What will you do when you see zombies destroying your own garden? Watch them destroy or stand up to fight back? Merge Plants – Monster Defense with the appearance of zombies, constantly seeking to destroy the plants. Players will join these powerful plants to kill zombies. It’s surprising, isn’t it? The trees and flowers seem weak, but they have great strength. It can defeat all zombie forces, not leaving them alone. Create the fiercest declare war ever.

Merge Plants – Monster Defense mod download

Download Merge Plants – Monster Defense mod – The war of tree species

Merge Plants – Monster Defense appears with beautiful gardens, with all kinds of different trees. But unfortunately, this very garden has been invaded by zombies. They do everything to be able to eat all the trees, destroying the life of nature. Players will enter this battle together and work together to eliminate the zombies. Keep the garden full of trees and free of zombies. A game that brings fierce competition between trees and evil zombies.

Merge Plants – Monster Defense mod android

The trees will be the heroic warriors to attack the zombies. An anti-zombie fighting game that offers completely new gameplay. Create high entertainment with the challenges that Merge Plants – Monster Defense creates. Through higher rounds play, the number of zombies will also appear more and more. Players will have to focus their forces on fighting with all their might. Stop all zombies and don’t let them destroy the garden. That is the main task that every player needs to do when coming to Merge Plants – Monster Defense. Ensure the safety of the garden, chase the zombies out of the area.

Merge Plants – Monster Defense mod apk

Upgrade battle formation

The zombies with great power can destroy the garden in a short time. Players will need to create an army with enough plants and flowers. Then merge all the plants and flowers into the strongest warrior. Whenever zombies appear, they will attack them consecutively. Prepare a large warrior squad, get high fighting power to defeat the evil zombies. Keep up the spirit as well as the fighting style before those zombies appear. Merge Plants – Monster Defense will let players be accompanied by an army of colorful trees. Has a great fighting spirit and ability to withstand fierce counterattacks from the enemy.

Merge Plants – Monster Defense mod free

Plant more new species of trees

Join the fight with different plants. As the attack from the enemy becomes more and more explosive, you will face many challenges. The number of armies to battle is essential, gathering a large force will give you an extra advantage. Let’s unlock more new lands, cultivate to be the planting area. Sow and fertilize for the plants to germinate and grow. Make this place appear with countless plants, diverse flowers. From there, they will be the most potent weapon to fight with players. Acquire many plants and flowers, combined into a power to fight opponents. Not only that, but this will also be a way to make the garden more prominent. Appears with many green trees, colorful flowers.

Merge Plants – Monster Defense mod

Fight to protect the garden

Continuous zombies come to your garden. They always want to destroy all the plants and flowers you have. Players will control tree warriors to shoot zombies, protect the green city. Become one of the great masters, shoot all the zombies. With tough zombies and high combat power, you will need to build the right strategy. Defend around the garden to be able to defend against the sudden appearance of the opponent. Don’t forget to use Super boost, and this is what enhances the damage of flowers. Can resist a large number of zombies, causing all to receive death quickly. Bring safety to the garden and destroy a series of fearsome zombie armies.

A fight between trees, flowers, and zombies is thrilling. Each level of play will bring challenges and many surprises to happen. Get ready to fight a fun farm, with fantastic tree warriors. Challenge each level and make the zombies disintegrate. Download Merge Plants – Monster Defense mod to fight and defend the garden against evil zombies.

Download Merge Plants – Monster Defense MOD APK (Unlimited diamonds) for Android

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