Merge Romance MOD APK 1.3.5 (Unlimited money)

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NameMerge Romance APK
PublisherC.C.T Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Play the role of an adorable girl named Elsa. Merge Romance takes the player with the character to a lovely resort island. The island will bring fun and novelty to those who play this puzzle game. The recipes are fantastic and easy to endure with the resort game levels. Travel everywhere forever and get more views of this resort island. Learn how to get along and cooperate with everyone who inhabits this exciting island. Merge Romance is a highly lovable game that interests the participants. Go to the tournament to capture those moments by trying out the full range of players. Explore and experience the fun island named Hall in this Merge Romance game to have the most entertaining minutes.

Merge Romance mod apk

Download Merge Romance mod – Resort experience

Challenges with puzzles and adventure trips around the resort island. Merge Romance is an entertainment destination for self-construction and development and a resort island for everyone. Solve puzzles to get more intellectual intelligence in the player’s mind. Observe everything around that is being built and developed in this game. The entertainment that comes from the management of the game players is shown. Making calculated decisions makes sense to establish the resort island. Mr and Mrs Hall created this place a long time. Meet and listen to the highly romantic love story of those two characters.

Merge Romance mod apk free

From there, follow the stories from the development of the puzzle game Merge Romance around the resort. Restore what is already somewhat old in this game. Since then, there have been levels that have been promoted dramatically. Game players participating in the experience will be awarded tools to assist players in puzzle game levels or build and manage new houses. Step by step, go forward and bring into full play the functions that the system of the Merge Romance game brings to develop the resort island. The daily task has been assigned; let’s do it quickly.

Puzzles merge tools

An array of tools arranged in rows creates puzzle levels. The game players have to figure out the principles of the puzzles themselves. Merge Romance offers puzzles built from gardening tools. The tools have something that has been linked together, and the player has to find out. From there, connect the links shown in these puzzle game levels. Fascinating and new when the puzzle is more attractive and attractive. Each link tool is joined, and further links appear. Gain linked tools in the game’s super novel puzzles. Use puzzles anytime, anywhere, for moments of joy and thought satisfaction.

Merge Romance mod android

Construction on the island

There are many exciting structures erected on this resort island Hall. The players are assigned to take care of and maintain the buildings. Make buildings new and more modern with challenges. Merge Romance has a lot of new facilities that welcome players to participate in construction. Develop buildings and resorts erected during the development of the island. Facilities such as gardens, resort hotels, swimming pools, beaches, and more allow players to experience freely. Unlock even more challenging buildings to place on the island in the game. Merge Romance is a novel challenge using the tools gained from the puzzle levels to fix bugs and develop buildings on this island.

Merge Romance

Meet and listen to the story

Stories are built and brought back to Hall Island to tell the game players. Hear the stories of the characters in this exciting Merge Romance game. From stories revolving around the character Elsa when going to the resort island. To the charming and romantic love stories of the two island owners. Each solved puzzle will hide a fascinating thrilling story behind it.

Merge Romance mod

I received an invitation to join the thrilling puzzle game Merge Romance. The puzzles’ tools still welcome the game players to challenge along to solve the mystery. Earn rewards and then develop the resort island further. Download Merge Romance mod fun puzzle to get garden tools, build restaurants and follow romance stories.

Download Merge Romance MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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