MHA: Midoriya Fight MOD APK 0.5 (Dumb enemy)

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NameMHA: Midoriya Fight APK
Publisherayoub mb
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Enjoy the original story and battles with the villains and hero academy of MHA: Midoriya Fight. The work My Hero Academia has won the love of many worldwide audiences, in which it is impossible not to come to gamers who want to one day have games based on this work. MHA: Midoriya Fight is one of them, but not too detailed and has a large capacity. Because you only need a typical smartphone to experience this game. Join the hero Izuku Midoriya to protect the earth from dangerous villains. Unleash your unique powers and be Quick to create a one-of-a-kind hero. Learn about your pure strength first.

MHA Midoriya Fight mod

Download MHA: Midoriya Fight mod – War of heroes and villains

MHA: Midoriya Fight is an easy game to play and does not require too much skill from the player. With a 2D style gameplay design and a scene screen. Your task is to move the character forward. Encounter monsters and villains and start fighting. The unique feature of this game is that you have to dodge not to touch the enemy. Just doing so will cause you to take damage and endanger your life. So you must both avoid enemies, attack to destroy them, and keep moving forward. A difficulty level will be determined by the number and strength of enemies you face.

There are four basic buttons for you to control the character to move. First, it runs left and right, jumping up and down to dodge and cross the terrain. The rest are buttons used to attack enemies. Includes regular attacks, darts, and a hero skill. All create a strong Midoriya hero who can face all enemies. Of course, that wasn’t his full strength. Passing many levels will help you get more resources to get stronger. Prepare for boss battles are the most dangerous villains. A hero’s mission is to protect the peace of the current world.

MHA Midoriya Fight mod apk

Collect important resources

What you need to get to upgrade Midoriya’s power are gold coins. They appear scattered in all levels of MHA: Midoriya Fight. You move the character to touch these coins to collect them. The amount of gold you order will be used to upgrade Midoriya’s strength. Including his health, damage, and movement speed. Many new weapons support both melee and ranged attacks. This turns Midoriya into a hero with many distinct abilities. Suitable for many different players’ gameplay. You want to show off your skills with any weapon that is possible.

Explore the hero universe

Set in the original work, it is not surprising that MHA: Midoriya Fight possesses many familiar details to players. You will meet the main characters in My Hero Academia again. Hear them give you a quest to start a whole new battle. The villains in work are also officially returned with dangerous inherent power. If you have been following this work, you will recognize many exciting details inside MHA: Midoriya Fight. They are cleverly attached to the levels. Sometimes will unlock the hidden power of the main character. Or it’s just a fun fact to excite players while playing the game.

MHA Midoriya Fight mod apk free

Classic encounters

It is impossible to ignore the bosses that will confront you directly in the game stages. Almost all of the enemies are from the original My Hero Academia. Thus you will be able to grasp what their basic power is. Each boss has a Quick-based ability. So no match is the same. Players have to make different and constantly changing tactics. This is the unique and exciting point of MHA: Midoriya Fight. The battlefield on the 2D screen still brings an indescribably attractive feeling. Every movement and skill affects the outcome of this intense battle.

Transform into a hero to prepare for the greatest war against evil ever. MHA: Midoriya Fight will be a difficult journey to overcome the main character’s challenges. Unleash the hidden power of your unique Quick and defeat every monster that poses a threat to humans. A hero must protect the world from evil. So you can do what has been recorded in history at MHA: Midoriya Fight mod or not. The answer will come when you officially enter this tough battle.

Download MHA: Midoriya Fight MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android

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