Miami crime simulator MOD APK 3.0.8 (Unlimited upgrade points)

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NameMiami crime simulator APK
PublisherNaxeex Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited upgrade points
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Miami crime simulator brings players to the modern city of Miami. This place always takes place many new activities, comfortable life. More and more centers and clubs are being built. Contributing to creating a full life, meeting human needs. But besides that, Miami has also appeared gangsters. Players will play the role of henchmen for bosses and perform missions. Get done quickly, do everything you want, roam freely around the city. Miami crime simulator will bring players new experiences with diverse missions.

Miami crime simulator mod

Download Miami crime simulator mod – Henchman for gangsters

The game was released to recreate the time when many events happened in the city of Miami. Social evils, theft take place every day. You will no longer play the role of a warrior who saves the world. Miami crime simulator will let the player be a minion for the bosses. Take every action, even make this whole city explode. Use weapons and quickly complete the set goals. The new experience with attractive gameplay will bring high entertainment. Explore this place and follow all the instructions of the bosses. Miami crime simulator will not disappoint players when choosing.

Miami crime simulator mod free

The criminal world and you are one of them. Play the villain and perform evil deeds. Steal cars, use a variety of dangerous weapons, despite everything, to achieve his goals. As one of the gangsters, you will also be wanted by the police force. Pay attention to observe and run away in time to avoid being caught. You can also face them and protest. However, it will also have a significant impact on life. Consider carefully before implementing and take drastic countermeasures.

Miami crime simulator mod android

Beneficial arsenal

Necessary weapon equipment supports you during the mission. Get familiar with the weapons, use them in essential cases. Miami crime simulator has brought you a highly diverse collection of weapons. From the simple to the most modern and modern. Knives, scissors, batons, powerful assault guns like AK, M4… Choose each weapon you want and use them to fight. All will help players face other enemy forces. Destroy the forces that want to kill you. An arsenal of weapons awaits you to use in battles. Do all the missions well and upgrade to increase your power.

Miami crime simulator mod download

Combat vehicles

Provide a modern moving vehicle system with a multitude of different vehicles. You will own expensive cars, full of features. Together with you go to every corner, the streets of the city. Accompany and do with the player the assigned tasks. Beautiful cars, luxurious design. Cars, sports cars, off-road vehicles, tanks, even helicopters. Players can completely control any vehicle they want. Each type of vehicle will have different functions. Drive through every route, moving safely before each opponent. Use aircraft to attack and aim from above, take off, to destroy all forces effectively. Helicopters will give you a lot of advantages, using unlimited ammo. In addition, you can also drive countless other cars and have more feelings for yourself.

Miami crime simulator mod apk

Quests for players

No longer a person who does good deeds. You will become a henchman, following the direction of the gangster. Come for an adventure full of challenges and experiences. Steal cars, mess with the city… everything will be done by you. When you complete those tasks well, you will receive coins and increase combat experience. After that, the number of guests will also be increased. Build more massive forces, work together to attack opponents. Protect the area and ensure the safety of yourself and your teammates. Collect more resources such as weapons, ammunition and other equipment. Get more rewards when you do the best in everything. Download Miami crime simulator mod to join the gangster world.

Download Miami crime simulator MOD APK (Unlimited upgrade points) for Android

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