Mining Inc. MOD APK 1.16.0 (Unlimited upgrades)

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NameMining Inc. APK
PublisherGreen Panda Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited upgrades
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Mining by mines is an important business that affects the world. Mining Inc. can help you understand more about this issue. Takes you into a world filled with rich mines of resources. Your task is to exploit them all. That’s right, becoming a mining king is the destination of Mining Inc. The game requires you to manage many aspects of the mining industry. From there, add many basic but meaningful lessons in business. It’s unlikely you’ll do that in the future, though. But this is also something you should try for a new experience. It’s mining time. Let’s get to work.

Mining Inc. mod

Download Mining Inc. mod – Become the wealthiest mining tycoon

Mining Inc. Initially introduces you to the concepts related to mining. For example, to exploit resources, you need a good drill. Then there are many other tools and, of course, indispensable human resources. All you have to collect from the sale of mined resources. That way you have money to buy new equipment. Serve for scooping to earn more money and investors continuously. Each mine will have different resource output. When you finish digging a mine, you will be upgraded and transferred to a new mine to continue mining. It can be said that this is not boring, repetitive work.

Why is this repetitive work not boring? Because every time you move to a new mine, you will be upgraded in everything. That way, you can mine and mine faster. The output is also much more than that of the previous mines. But that’s still not enough, and you need to upgrade with the money earned when mining manually. That is the primary mechanism of Mining Inc. when asking players to upgrade the mining system. Because if they do not have enough levels, it is not possible to exploit high-level mines. Or, if possible, at prolonged speeds.

Mining Inc. mod apk

Wide variety of quality resources

You have to know what you are exploiting to make a profit. In Mining Inc., many kinds of rare minerals are waiting for you to mine up. They are gold mines, ruby ​​mines, gems, and even diamonds with attractive prices. Mining 100% of the resource mine will give a much higher value in real life. Diamonds will bring ten times more weight than gold. The correlation between gemstones and rubies is similar. They are the primary source of income for you to upgrade your mining system. Harvesting a large gem mine will have a lot of opportunities to challenge larger mines.

Mining Inc. mod free

Hire more mining workers

It is because of the difficulty of mining these valuable mines. It would help if you had a qualified professional team to work with. Use the money to hire skilled miners. The higher the level, the higher the rank and productivity will increase. You can also upgrade them to improve their ability and output. The number of miners is unlimited because when you level up, you unlock new miners. Accompanying the miners are investors and strategists. They will cooperate with you in mining and finding new ores. This causes the number of mining to be higher than usual. So don’t forget to collaborate with them to create a vast mining empire.

Use special tools

To mine, a large ore will take a lot of time. Calculating in real-time can be up to tens of hours. Surely you can’t wait so patiently. That’s okay because we still have ways to burn the stage. The first is Thunderstorm, a device used to eliminate a significant amount of time while mining ore. Or Nitro boost helps increase the mining speed of miners. Diamond helmet increases the number of gems obtained when mining. Or Piggy bank, a golden pig that subsidizes you with a large amount of money to upgrade the mining system. All can appear by chance or as a reward when you have finished mining the ores.

Mining Inc. mod apk free

Ore mining is a not-so-common topic and is suitable for inclusion in the game. But Mining Inc. changed that point of view completely. Gives you the feeling of being a real mining tycoon. Upgrade systems and add manpower yourself. Get ready for plans with the world’s largest mines. Mining Inc. mod is an idle game that is quite suitable for you to entertain when stressed. Sometimes a little downtime and focus on resource fields will bring surprises and substantial revenue streams.

Download Mining Inc. MOD APK (Unlimited upgrades) for Android

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