Mob Control MOD APK 2.66.1 (Unlimited money/Free rewards)

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NameMob Control APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Free rewards
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Mob Control crowd control challenge opponents with an exponential force of soldiers. You will own a machine specializing in launching troops to join the fight with the enemy. Take the whole army into different doors to overwhelm the number of the enemy, they are red, and you are blue. The bases are expanded, and you are following the requirements of each level to unlock successfully. Bringing to the top challenge but not forgetting the task of controlling your forces. This battle is new; instead of shooting, I will shoot people. Try to destroy all the doors along the way, so you have space to rush in.

Mob Control mod

Download Mob Control mod – Gather troops to fight

Stick figures were widely used in this war. Players on that team, you have the right to place orders for them to follow and achieve certain success. Join many other players at once, Mob Control allows that to happen. The conflict between the blue and red forces has made the atmosphere tense. So you have to work at your total capacity to be the ultimate winner. The two sides’ forces are equally significant; it is important where the forces are more potent and how they occupy the position. You need to use cannons and shoot your soldiers into the battle; it will automatically rush forward and invade the territory.

Mob Control

Spectacular hurdles, you will see this scene a lot in Mob Control. The opponent also has the right to rush up, overwhelm you, if there are not enough people to oppose you, it is difficult to succeed. Both sides are trying to gain space for a chance to get revenge at any cost. Your fire must be continuous, the more troops you get out, the more you will be able to defeat. Occupy the majority, and overwhelm the enemy to expand more territory. Can you do it? It would help if you upgraded your cannon and completed it before you could fight. Divide the army into two portals, equally divided among the sides to fight together.

Mob Control mod apk

Building the tower

The defense is the base for you to protect your team’s forces and build them as solid as possible. This tower was built like palaces, lined up to create a large campus. Increasingly expanding those cities, laying foundations in many different lands. The process you conquer should also build more so that your force, when winning, can hold the flag to climb it, showing glory. Do the same on someone else’s goalie, a new way of marking sovereignty. Unlock different types of towers, and collect them. Combine with military training in your kingdom built up.

Mob Control apk

Energy card collection

Cards containing power were released in turn by Mob Control. Players have the right to collect them to strengthen their talents. Controlling the cannon in the right direction combined with unique emitting energy will help your troops preserve their forces. Collect more warriors, and improve the cannon’s awesomeness. Earn more loot on the track, collected to serve the upgrade process. Going further with those lucky cards, the army is constantly replenished thanks to it. Conquer all the upgrade modes, you will be stronger. Determined to fight and win with all your energy, quickly push up the numbers.

Mob Control android

Get the top spot

Repel the red crowd, occupy the playing field, and win. The prestigious cup is waiting for the most deserving person, climbing to a high position you will be proud to see. Your goal is big, conquer many levels and bring glory after each turn. Conquer many types of enemies but always hold the leading position, that ultimate. The feeling that you are standing on the highest podium after moments of intense competition is so refreshing. Your efforts have paid off, valuable rewards have returned to the treasure. Overcome thousands of opponents in the world, ignore the difficulties and enjoy this moment of the peak.

Mob Control participates in combat with many players, controlling large numbers of troops. The crowd coming from the opponent also makes you unable to react, but you can still fight. Gather as many people at once as you increase your strength. The doors and obstacles on the way are increasingly upgraded. It is difficult to hold on to the last second if you do not release enough troops. Don’t get too hung up on the problematic doorways, as you will reduce the ability. Be careful in each strategy, speed up as much as possible. Conquer more challenging levels, and encounter many overwhelming forces. Download Mob Control mod, send your mobs to invade your opponent’s territory, and win.

Download Mob Control MOD APK (Unlimited money/Free rewards) for Android

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