Monster Adventure Merge Legend MOD APK 1.04.12 (Free upgrades)

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NameMonster Adventure Merge Legend APK
PublisherPYD Games
MOD FeaturesFree upgrades
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Monster Adventure Merge Legend kicks off a season of monster battles. Have you ever imagined yourself becoming a monster trainer? It sounds strange because you usually coordinate the hero instead of leading the monster. But in this challenge, you will experience it with different commanding formulas. You get a turn-based battle by rolling the dice, which is also very lucky. Diverse character system for you to choose from, and which monster will be lucky for you to decide here. Delivering the most eye-catching performances possible the moment the drama begins. How long will the monster’s subjugation journey take?

Monster Adventure Merge Legend mod

Download Monster Adventure Merge Legend mod – Train the dick monster

Your goal is to defeat other monster opponents in the arena. They often possess special powers that make it difficult for you to overcome the first battle. Sometimes you must go through 3 upgrades to have enough strength to fight them. You will accumulate energy in each battle, and at the end, you send the monster to the factory to perform promotion. Take care, feed them to grow up as fast as blowing, and own a more extensive body. Appearance is important, in addition, it is necessary to add outstanding combat skills. Receive the spoils from the victories to serve the process of upgrading mutant monsters.

Monster Adventure Merge Legend mod apk

Players choose an opponent, enter the field and observe. First, you roll the dice, and the number shown on the last face will correspond to your turn. Because it is a turn-based game, you must take advantage of every opportunity otherwise, it is straightforward to fail with regret. Roll the dice to accumulate power; the swords will function to their fullest. Critical hits will cause the opponent to lie down, when it fails, a treasure appears. Of course, that item is in your possession, opened, and charged with your energy. Try to master your rounds, push the damage up high, and use it to turn the situation around every time.

Monster Adventure Merge Legend apk free

Merge and evolve

For every two candies, you exchange for an upgrade, the player merges them. Whether your evolution is long or short depends on the number of resources you own. So go ahead with breakthrough wins, and you will receive a lot of new energy. Evolution will take place after the game ends, you go home to upgrade. You start feeding your monster with boxes of food, just a few boxes, and it can grow faster. The bigger the body, the more advantage you have in the next round. As your monster grows, its shape and appearance change, becoming a complete animal.

Monster Adventure Merge Legend android

Character selection

Monsters created by Monster Adventure Merge Legend are diverse. If you like the strong, you should choose the dragon, a little more lovely will be the fish. You will meet heavy opponents such as fierce tigers or colorful wolves. Regardless of your appearance, your ability does not change, growing more and more. When two forces confront each other will explode, fighting in their way. You and your opponent both use the roll of the dice, hoping to get a large number to add more rounds. Command your character, let it thrive. Transform it regularly for the most outstanding performance in history.

Monster Adventure Merge Legend apk

Weapon use

Increase life by heart, and grow as fast as food cans. As for more robustness, Monster Adventure Merge Legend has equipped your character with a sword. This is the weapon that helps you counterattack your opponent quickly and accurately. Besides, adding more shields is also something that you should do. Increase the number of each weapon so that you are eligible to destroy the opponent. Collect the highest types of peaks commensurate with the shape of the monster you own. You are ready, and so are the opponents, let’s meet in the field. Every level and several swords and shields are displayed on the screen, monitored, and replenished as needed.

Monster Adventure Merge Legend competes between monsters, and the fierce wave unfolds. The player is under stress from the opponent, even though you need to stand still to fight. The turn-based operation should be more thrilling, you can’t predict the opponent’s next shot. All the expectations happen unexpectedly, sometimes not expecting it to be my last turn to participate. A long way to go, fight more than lose with the enemy. Take the time to make the upgrade better. Download Monster Adventure Merge Legend mod, and become the ultimate master in monster training.

Download Monster Adventure Merge Legend MOD APK (Free upgrades) for Android

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