Monster Shooter MOD APK 1.0.48 (Menu/Unlimited money/Unlocked)

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NameMonster Shooter APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Monster Shooter gives you a special mission, destroy monsters from the earth’s black hole, and regain the former peace. Players are responsible for the damage to the galaxy in recent days. Your appearance as a bright god brings hope to people. The ability to control your hero will make the monsters also run away. They are raging beyond the allowable, causing the planet to be destroyed, representing the person you are not allowed to happen. Moreover, players must act in time before they advance further, at which time the earth is also destroyed, and nothing can be saved.

Monster Shooter mod apk

Download Monster Shooter mod – Defend the earth from monsters

Players control aircraft to wage wars with monsters. If you’ve ever played chicken, Monster Shooter is similar. As for beginners, it is straightforward, just slide left and right on the screen, and you can navigate the warship. Directly participate in battles and bring unexpected results, ready to fight the boss. Dealing with a series of violent attacks from opponents, they are formidable. If you do not have any experience, it is difficult for you to overcome their barriers. They are also modern machines equipped with artillery shells to counterattack when attacked.

The opponents are approaching you, and there is no way back; you must fight. The two sides unleashed bullets that covered the sky, and the dodging screens were done most of all. You are also protecting yourself, do not get hit by the shots the enemy discharges. The battle space is ample, looking majestic by the combination of bright stars. The adventure in the galaxy has not shown signs of cooling down but is increasingly explosive. The cosmic attack from the opponent makes the player also have to consider himself, is he equipped with enough weapons to destroy? Without careful preparation of tactics and weapons, it is impossible to win and be decisive in every action!

Monster Shooter apk free

Go to war with the boss

Monster Shooter has specially designed giant monsters. They have the configuration of highly violent giants. You can’t predict much of what they do, firing so much that you can’t dodge. Each game will have a specific time, not limited but depending on your ability. Respectable bosses control how to play and counterattack. They stepped forward and fired immediately, without a moment’s hesitation. Sometimes it also makes you surprised and embarrassed to refute. They are confident enough to destroy you, but don’t worry; everything has a solution.

Monster Shooter

Excellent captain

As the leader controls different ships, you should also find a superior captain to the rest of the warships. It will make you idler, easier to command, and less effortless. What’s supreme is always your priority; find a ship with the most impact. Divide tasks for team members to have the perfect combination in each battle. The captain heroes with outstanding strength can repel the opponent. The remaining warships will support the leader so that no defeat occurs. Continually support each other. Fight with your teammates and score the perfect score, knocking the evil boss off the earth.

Monster Shooter apk

Battleship options

Players who want to change themselves from the minor thing are probably choosing their battleship. Each ship carries a different design and the tremendous power they possess. The machine equipment can also be customized according to each level you achieve. For example, refurbish new battleships to stand out from your enemies. Monster Shooter is constantly updating modern warships and the danger they can bring. Owning a variety of genres will help you be more confident in those battles. In addition to the main spaceship, players should also use a practical assistant, a missile, to join the fight, which will improve the shooting performance and destroy the opponent quickly.

Monster Shooter flips the switch to find someone worthy to protect the world. No one else but you, only you, can bring peace before. Fill the black hole and don’t let any more monsters appear, then you succeed. To achieve that, the player must first own an entire fleet of warships in space and destroy opponents together. Show the power of each ship and directly command the force. Upgrade them continuously not to be the underdog in this match. Activate the warship, fly it into orbit and make goals. Download Monster Shooter mod, and build a fleet of spaceships to destroy monsters.

Download Monster Shooter MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/Unlocked) for Android

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