Monster Storm2 MOD APK 1.2.3 (Menu/Unlimited money)

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NameMonster Storm2 APK
PublisherSharpenPlay Entertainment
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Monster Storm2 relies on monster battles to present unique arenas to overcome. Players with grand ambitions to train these powerful monsters to want them to become allies. This adventure continues for a long time; many challenges will come around you. The villains will also appear; they confront the player directly. You are trying to collect other monsters to strengthen yourself. If you successfully tame them, you are like a tiger growing wings, receiving many new types of energy. Join forces with the conquered monsters to fight the wicked ones out there.

Monster Storm2 android

Download Monster Storm2 mod – Collect mythical monsters

To become the world champion, the player must capture the balls containing monsters. They are classified into two types; one has the potential to become your team’s warrior, and the other is a fierce monster they do not want to be subdued. The second object is more challenging, but you can still do it. These villains represent a different force; they want to steal monsters from your hand. Tame these mythical monsters before the enemy forces arrive. It is expected to be a terrifying confrontation between two types of monsters. Who will become the next tamed under your hands? Let’s wait and see.

Monster Storm2

It would be best if your must creatures were super-evolved, taking on a whole new. This proves the player’s talent and shows the power of that beast. They are mutant animals like dragons, deer, deer, and many others. They have a colorful appearance; your task is to improve them to become more glorious. The villains themselves carry out the crazy plans that are about to happen. They can capture your monsters as bait to force you to make a second move. If that happens, you have to be more careful than the first time and have the right strategy to save the monster that has been captured.

Monster Storm2 apk

Combination of skills

As a talented researcher, you team up with your friend to create a laboratory. Here you will find the strength of the monster you own, from which there are new steps. You start making particular skill combinations to hone the warrior’s strength and technique. The criminal boss is ready in every race; he is confident with his tactics. You are also not to be outdone; organize training sessions for your monsters. When it has enough energy to launch, now fight hard. Let the unique moves you pass on to their strengths.

Monster Storm2 mod apk

Travel around the world

Villains are hiding worldwide; you need to find them to continue the battle. In automatic mode, Monster Storm2 will unlock the next door if you win this round. Each time you explore like that, you find this world a little more beautiful. Admire the colorful roadside flowers and the deep forests full of danger. That space is your battlefield; let’s enjoy it. Towns, caves, and lakes with the most beautiful views you’ve ever seen. Free to explore but remember to expand your lab. Place more rooms in different locations for convenience in the monster upgrade process.

Monster Storm2 mod

Easy-to-receive items

Material values are needed right now to equip monsters. You will see bright diamonds and coins in a gold vault. The lucky spins will also smile at you, giving you attractive gifts. Complete quests in each level, and follow stories to get rewards. Loyalty is easy to get but use it in the right way. Use the proper case to promote strength and good support for monsters. Together accumulate valuable items to put your name on the list of outstanding people. This adventure would deserve excellent rewards, especially if it won.

Monster Storm2 lets you enjoy battles with evil villain bosses. You control monsters but do not harm humans; on the contrary, you help. It would be best to form an army of powerful monsters using many different types of power. Each beast is considered a warrior, giving it the most equipment. Weapons and extra energy are things that players can give to their troops. Steal the power of villains to possess the most exceptional ability. Download Monster Storm2 mod, become the most powerful monster trainer on the planet, and reach powerful skills.

Download Monster Storm2 MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android

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