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Many pets games were born to receive the trust of gamers. Most of the pets built into these games are pets that are familiar to families. But have you ever thought you would be the owner of an octopus? Well, this will become a reality in the Moy series. This is an old game with many new versions being updated. Players will get the best experience of pet-raising activities. In this article, we will only mention the Moy 7 mod version mainly. Let’s see. After a long time of existence, this game has outstanding improvements.

Moy 7 mod

Download Moy 7 mod – Top pet farming simulation game

Moy 7 won the hearts of many gamers. Especially for those who have a hobby and passion for pets. The game has been an optimal choice to help everyone accompany their friends anytime, anywhere. The introduction of the game from the early days created a fever. Experiencing a process of existence and development so far, the game has had seven different versions. Moy 7 is the latest version with many practical additions based on the player’s needs. But it still knows how to retain its signature bottom line. Moy 7 increasingly asserts its attraction to gamers.

Moy 7 mod android

Moy 7 brings the main character a purple octopus. Its appearance is also a perplexing circumstance. It was carried by one stork from the blue sea to the mainland. Fortunately, after many events and difficulties, the octopus met its owner. That’s you. A whole new life has come to the purple octopus. Playing the role of a nanny, you will accompany your pet from time to time. Let’s help your pet can live happily and safely with you. What the octopus can’t, you will be the one to guide and help it complete. Moy 7 is built from the very things drawn from real life.

Moy 7 mod free

Take care of the pet

Pet care is an indispensable main activity in pet simulation games. The first is to meet basic needs. That is eating, drinking, sleeping, and cleaning every day. Bring a variety of treats for your octopus. From sausages, pizza to fruits, ice cream… A complete and varied menu will help your pet grow in appearance and size. In addition, you also need to set a proper sleep and hygiene time. Your actions must make your pet more and more perfect. In addition, the player can also turn the purple octopus into a stylist. Different outfits combined with accessories will give an exciting look. Moy 7 provides everything for players to complete the mission. They are available at convenience stores. You can use the money to exchange. The octopus will be full of energy to participate in other activities.

Moy 7 mod apk

Participate in activities

To add excitement and fun to your pet, let him do the activities. You can take your pet for a walk in places. Or let the pet do some of the work on its own. For example, the exploration of underground mines. When participating in this activity, you need to prepare protective clothing and an ax. It will help players get items and bonuses. Exercising, jumping rope, and planting trees are also activities pets love. It is a way to promote health and fitness. Lots of activities that you can let your pet participate in and experience. Take the time to care and enjoy yourself with your friend during the journey.

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Experience mini-games

The combination of mini-games always creates a novelty in Moy 7. 6 different themes and 16 different games will excite you highly. Players can choose any mini-game, from racing and shooting balls to challenging match 3 puzzles. The addition of these mini-games is one of the positive changes. It is highly appreciated by players. Another new feature is that octopus friends can also interact and chat. This latest version is much more complete.

Moy 7 mod apk free

Explore many interesting places

Moy 7 brings into the game many attractive locations. Every place is a discovery. They can be the living room, the front lobby area to the entertainment area. The remarkable thing is that the player can change the context. Through concrete action, everything will change. For example, the layout, paint color, or weather. This is a game with a bunch of exciting things. Although it only revolves around a pet owner, it is very effective. Download Moy 7 mod to become a talented octopus owner.

Download Moy 7 MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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