Mr. Shooter MOD APK 1.53 (Unlimited money)

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NameMr. Shooter APK
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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This shooting game does not require the player’s aiming skills. Instead, it is a strategy to solve puzzles. Mr. Shooter is a combination of adventure and shooting gameplay. Therefore, the shooting factor will be given top priority. You have to shoot accurately, at the right place, and at the right time to get to victory. The 2D environment makes aiming easier. But what is worth challenging for players are puzzles. Present in the form of traps and enemies in large numbers. Your gun is the primary weapon to destroy them and complete the battle. What matters is how you will apply your tactical thinking.

Mr. Shooter mod

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Transform into a special agent with a mission to fight enemies in outer space. The player’s goal is to upgrade the spaceship to travel to multiple realities. Encounter a multitude of powerful villains that always surround the main character. In his hands are weapons that come from the modern future and have many special functions. The problem is how to use them effectively in battle. Because they are not always used to attack the enemy directly. The play of Mr. Shooter requires you to take down enemies with multiple traps. And those traps will be activated by the gun you hold. Shoot in to activate traps to destroy enemies.

The main character with the name Mr. Shooter has clearly shown his ability. He is a time traveler with a collection of weapons from the future. You will control him using these weapons to deal with enemies in different realities. Mr. Shooter has a certain amount of health and armor. At the beginning of the level, the enemy will attack him. You must quickly destroy them all before Mr. Shooter loses all his health and lost. Each level also has its timer. Show that every campaign needs a specific strategy. Players must learn the optimal use of weapons and how to defeat the enemy before time runs out.

Mr. Shooter mod apk

Impressive massive arsenal

Mr.’s trademark gun will activate the traps. Shooter in combat. Not only that, but many other weapons accompany him. The giant laser cannon will change its angle when it hits a metal surface. The heavy regular guns will contribute to the direct damage to kill the enemy. Drones to scout and bring traps towards the enemy. Or even jets that continuously drop bombs all over the map. Not just one weapon. Players will be able to combine them on many different levels. Create a beautiful sequence of reactions and save time completing the level.

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Repair your spaceship

After much time travel to many places and spaces. Your spaceship has been badly damaged and needs to be repaired before it can continue its journey. You will be looking for essential parts to repair ships. All are hidden in many areas on the game screen. Upgrade each part of the spaceship for new abilities. Prepare for longer and more dangerous journeys. Encounter a variety of forces in all realities. The demonic army with a lot of minions constantly appeared in large numbers. The army of skilled robots will be a significant obstacle to setting up traps. Each enemy brings a different difficulty level.

Mr. Shooter mod free

Using environmental factors

Indeed you think this is not important? You will change that opinion when you witness each screen of Mr. Shooter. Surely players will notice the difference in terrain. Trap locations where the enemy is standing. All have their tactical intentions. Unfortunately, not all enemies stand on level ground. That position will sometimes be a little higher or hung in the air. Then the player must combine his equipment and weapons to touch the trap and aim directly at the enemy. The complexity of the environment will gradually increase with the levels. That means you have to use more and more skills.

Mr. Shooter free

Use the ability to shoot, set traps, and flexible combinations to destroy all enemies. Immerse yourself in the journey of space travel to realities. Repair and improve spaceships for more future trips. Above all, use the environment and combine the right weapons. Creating victory in Mr. Shooter to prove you are an absolute genius.

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