Muscle Fighters Arena MOD APK 1.0.1 (Dumb enemy)

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NameMuscle Fighters Arena APK
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Muscle Fighters Arena is the place to use your fists to solve problems, the group stages of duelling are incredibly intense. Players will come up with intelligent tactics with power in each punch. Each fighter acts according to his ability, and each person’s style makes the battle more dramatic. The uniqueness of each action depends on the role of the player. You must be good at all stages of combat; your enemies constantly hit you, making you lie down. But the reality is unknown, and he is fighting to see his ability. The warriors of this world are also present. Are you ready to confront them?

Muscle Fighters Arena mod apk

Download Muscle Fighters Arena mod – Use your hands to fight

Each warrior has an individual action, and the way to show his talent is also different. The player may or may not be able to control his punch. The transient will make your results not as desired, don’t let the favourite things happen. Having a big and fat body is already an advantage for players. You can add energy thanks to skilful moves; this part you should hone after big and small matches. Not skipping any competition is a great benefit; you will gain many facets of experience. Just go ahead and hit the opponent; they are not allowed to hurt you; only you can do that.

Muscle Fighters Arena apk free

Muscle Fighters Arena belongs to the sports genre that requires incredible strength; your puncher can destroy the opponent. Matches are also pre-set, but the situation can change as you progress. Players constantly develop themselves, boosting their fighting spirit to win big points. Smooth character control will make you successful on all fronts. Proficient in running, jumping, and punching skills flexibly. Players will compete seriously; the harshness also makes you unable to be cavalier. Focus on the tournament; health and safety are still the most important.

Muscle Fighters Arena apk

Friend function

Muscle Fighters Arena has added online friends to interact with players. As a world epic match, you cannot miss a great opportunity. You can reunite with your new friends or acquaintances to battle opponents. Strangers often bring a sense of surprise and more experience than the familiar gameplay. You should use this friend feature to expand your relationship and find the right person for you. Finding opponents is also a way to collide more and gain more experience. Start up independently or in groups of friends, all approved.

Muscle Fighters Arena mod

Choose a location

Players are free to play on many different arena platforms. You fight on the street, in the grass or alley. Each character you unlock will be tested separately to see which is right for you. Spacious space and flat terrain are easy to move. Players control their attacks, relying on the landscape to create an advantage. Play calmly to win many tournaments. The control keys have been installed on the right side of the screen; players will gradually become more proficient. Expanding the competition territory, the mining process always makes you feel attractive.

Muscle Fighters Arena

Get the highest rank

Come to any competition; winning is the highest goal for you. Muscle Fighters Arena is no exception, challenging you and turning it into a competitive playground. Players strive to fight and fulfil their dreams as quickly as possible. The highest rank always gets you more rewards and high scores. To achieve high, you must fight fiercely and control your actions. The stronger the punch, the higher the score, and the position in the ranking will belong to you. But standing in any place must depend on your ability. Become a tycoon in the boxing competition, and assert your power.

Muscle Fighters Arena organizes hand-to-hand combat using entirely personal force. Each person will have an energy bar to measure their fitness; you lose when that line returns to 0. Opponents have many genres; you need to choose your strength to be safe until the last second. The score is continuously updated after the player’s shots: extensive scenery and diverse terrains for players to explore. Instantly run fast to spread your coolness to the whole world. The match is about to begin, and players and opponents are ready. Download Muscle Fighters Arena mod, improve your boxing ability and win the final victory over your opponent.

Download Muscle Fighters Arena MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android

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