My Ranch MOD APK 0.15 (Menu/Unlimited money)

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NameMy Ranch APK
PublisherPetr Zakharov
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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My Ranch, where the animals live, is here because of your protection. Players take care of and nurture them from childhood to adulthood. These animals help you earn extra income. You are profitable, so keep doing business. You become a diligent farmer, always taking care of every step of the food for the animals you raise. Develop your farm work, and provide enough food for them. Looking at each other as adults, consider them friends, but you can decide whether to sell or keep them when they grow up. The development process of each animal is different; follow each level to see the promotion.

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Download My Ranch mod – Raise funny animals

Players have access to plots of land at My Ranch, where they can raise animals. You mainly raise animals familiar to you in real life; they are also easier to take care of—planning into a complete farm with full facilities for the care process. The number of pets also increases over time; you are trying to add a lot. They are mature enough to repay you, paying with precious dollars. You come to the farm hoping to earn a lot of money to maintain this business. First, you should be an animal lover ready to take care of them.

My Ranch mod apk

Each animal has its campus; you gather them into zones for easy control. Players enjoy moments of fun with the animals. They are cute and have a variety of species, many choices for you. You are constantly growing this business; it gives excellent profits when you take care of it daily. Checking in each day shows how much you love this task. Improve your skills, and set up more automatic machines for your leisure. The care steps are gradually reduced but still ensure the minimum requirements. Raise these adorable animals together, and let them grow and work for you.

My Ranch apk

Build a resting place

These animals also need to rest after a day of activity. They only need to eat and grow without working to help. But building a house for them is still necessary, which is considered a cage for them to sleep at night. The animals will automatically go to the sleeping place or not; you will have to make them in. With each passing day, they increase in number, and the resting cage must also increase accordingly. The choice to build small, moderate places depends on the number of each species. You should not leave them out on the lawn too much; you need a healthy lifestyle. Scientific planning so that it can be quickly taken care of and your farm is clean and beautiful.

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Diversity of species

My Ranch has a catalogue of animals, such as chickens, pigs, dogs, goats, sheep, and even dinosaurs. It would be best if you also relied on their usual habitat to establish a habitat for them. You can arrange chickens, sheep, and goats on green lawns, creating food and a playground for them. Large properties and large numbers can also meet. Or players challenge dinosaurs in the cold snow, but they also endure the best. Diversify your farm with more options; customers are still more interested. If you are overloaded with livestock, you can recruit other farmers to work with you.

My Ranch mod

Make a profit

The ultimate goal that you come to My Ranch is profit. It would be best if you also had costs to keep the animals alive. Expenses for construction, buying more food or planning into more vacant land. They all need money to pay, so you need to sell those animals to make a profit. The amount is increasing; you also become the wealthiest farmer in town. Increase the number so that the animals can self-produce more income. The diversity of animals also brings many options, meeting many objects. The guests come directly or pre-order; players should take that challenge and do their job well.

You and my Ranch own and develop a farm specializing in raising animals. Poultry, livestock or enormous dinosaurs all participate in this challenge. Each expenditure needs you to measure to control the amount of money going out, not to spend on redundant things—expansion of business possibilities through the addition of livestock land. Continuous lawns grow to serve the animals in place. They are large and can be sold immediately for extra income. Once this litter of animals is harvested, it’s time for the next stage. Download My Ranch mod, and become a fun animal farm boss.

Download My Ranch MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android

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