My Tamagotchi Forever MOD APK (Unlimited gems)

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NameMy Tamagotchi Forever APK
PublisherBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
MOD FeaturesUnlimited gems
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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The virtual pet trend has returned after a long absence on My Tamagotchi Forever. If you are Japanese or have had the opportunity to interact with virtual pet machines, you will understand immediately. Tamagotchi was once a trend to entertain young people. Everyone has a virtual pet machine in their pocket. Nurture that virtual beast to grow up and do various actions. Sometimes it is possible to visit virtual animals on other people’s machines. We now have a globally popular smartphone. Raising Tamagotchi on smartphones has been around for a long time. That’s why My Tamagotchi Forever was born so everyone can experience many unforgettable memories again.

My Tamagotchi Forever mod

Download My Tamagotchi Forever mod – Nostalgic virtual pets on smartphones

Because it is produced on smartphones, My Tamagotchi Forever will be a complete game. There are a lot of new improvements compared to virtual pet machines. A typical virtual pet machine will display pets on it, all on simple black and white pixel graphics. The smartphone version will have a significant improvement. It’s an entirely colorful game. 3D environment for pets to move freely and more space. The main characters are still cute virtual animals you will have to take care of. Change clothes for them, feed them, and go out to many different places. Reach many high levels to receive attractive gifts.

Tamagotchi, when spawned, will default to level 1. Initially, you will perform basic actions for them. Be it feeding, bathing, or playing some short but addictive games. The more activities that make Tamagotchi happy, the more experience will increase. From there, your virtual animal will grow to many different levels. Please pay attention to what they need to respond to that immediately. The Tamagotchi also have their own space to move and explore around their world. Meet other Tamagotchi and make friends together. Travel around the world for more magical virtual animals. Every day you step into My Tamagotchi Forever, you will never be bored or lack activity.

My Tamagotchi Forever mod apk

Meet the requirements of virtual animals

You must do four activities to keep Tamagotchi happy and full of energy. That is to have fun, eat, clean, and get enough sleep. Each element is represented by a degree at the bottom of the screen, with blue being extraordinarily stable and red severely lacking. For example, your virtual animal will be sad if the joy turns red. Indicates that they need something to play with and have fun again. The same goes for other elements when you must feed them, defecate and wash them. Don’t forget to put them to bed and get enough sleep. These activities help Tamagotchi level up and receive additional rewards if done in time.

My Tamagotchi Forever mod apk free

Exciting mini-games

The Tamagotchi entertainment area includes many mini-games for you to play yourself and make the virtual animal fun again. The games are based on many hit titles from the past. But all are made according to the adorable Tamagotchi version. Playing a few games for a certain period will make the virtual animal recharge with fun energy. However, you don’t have limited time to play these games. So accessing My Tamagotchi Forever to play stress-relieving games is also an excellent idea. Because when you reach certain records, the system will reward you with more gold. It is the currency in My Tamagotchi Forever to buy costumes or decorate the house for Tamagotchi.

My Tamagotchi Forever mod free

Explore the Tamatown

My Tamagotchi Forever is not just about nurturing and playing with virtual animals. It’s a whole world with the area outside the virtual pet’s house, Tamatown. A small town and home to all the Tamagotchi. There are cute shops like bakeries, shopping arcades, restaurants, and video game zones. You can control Tamagotchi to go into those places. Meet and make friends with other virtual animals. Eat together and play many exciting games. All have gold rewards to encourage every player to participate. Sometimes even get diamonds – something scarce in the game. Connect with other Tamagotchi to create Tama town fun like never before.

My Tamagotchi Forever free

Virtual petting is still gaining popularity globally despite many changes from the past. The Tamagotchi is gradually becoming more cute and realistic to players. Now operations will be made more explicit. Connect with other people’s games and virtual animals. Download My Tamagotchi Forever mod and accompany cute virtual animals anywhere.

Download My Tamagotchi Forever MOD APK (Unlimited gems) for Android

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