NecroMerger MOD APK 1.35 (Currency/Spawn/Skip Time)

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NameNecroMerger APK
PublisherGrumpy Rhino Games
MOD FeaturesCurrency/Spawn/Skip Time
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Most games let you play as a hero to destroy evil. Then try being the bad guy in NecroMerger once and see how it goes. In this game, you will play as a dark summoner. Then, create and spawn monsters with the most fearsome power to destroy heroes. Playing on the vertical screen is simple and does not take too much of the player’s time. Instead, you will go through a non-stop upgrade process. Create new items and weapons. Equip the legion of monsters that are getting stronger and stronger. Turn the heroes once victorious into the dark lord’s hearty meal. All can only happen in NecroMerger.

NecroMerger mod

Download NecroMerger mod – Destroy heroes with legions of monsters

The size of the battlefields grows as your level gets higher. Heroes will find a way to infiltrate the base of the evil faction. Because you know that, you will prepare the best things to welcome them. Place monster pieces on the battlefield. Move them close and destroy the unwary heroes. The more heroes you have, the harder your battle will be. The hero can kill a monster unit if they have a more significant number. Always ensure you have enough strength and force to make it difficult for the hero. Summon monsters continuously until there are no more heroes on the field.

Heroes are the main enemy of the army of monsters and the biggest enemy you must defeat. They are divided into many different character classes. Use your legions of demons to take on gladiators, archers, mages, and assassins. Each enemy has its unique ability that you must pay attention to. Gladiators are always brutal and can withstand more than one monster unit. Archers attack very quickly and will destroy many monsters at once. Mages are more complicated, with the power of magic to blow away an entire army. Assassins appear on the battlefield and only show their hands when it is certain that the enemy will be destroyed. Confronting an army of heroes is a big challenge for you.

NecroMerger mod apk

Combine to create monsters

Your monsters cannot randomly appear on the battlefield. They will be summoned by you and have a basic amount of health and damage. Without any additional equipment, a monster is strong enough to fight a hero. It depends on what race the beast is and what ability it has. Combining two identical monsters produces an upgraded and stronger monster than the original. You cannot combine two different monsters. The fight will go long and persistent enough for you to have an entire army of high-level heroes. Be quick to connect; otherwise, the hero will quickly destroy them. Selecting monsters before fighting is also essential.

NecroMerger mod apk free

Master of magic crafting

A dark summoner isn’t just good at summoning monsters. But also create dangerous dark magic. Magic is what you need to win against already-strong heroes. There are hundreds of spells that you can unlock. Some of them strengthen monsters and weaken heroes. The rest all have a variety of possibilities. For example, making heroes poisoned or unable to move on the battlefield. Heals and grants armor to the monster army. Use skills that deal massive damage. A terrifying rain of dark magic. A barrier covering the entire battle caused panic for the hero.

NecroMerger mod free

Collect important artifacts

Besides the battles, there are many resources that you must collect to become even stronger. The most precious things like diamonds and gold coins are always given top priority. They help you unlock new magic and equip legions of monsters. Moon symbols, spooky slime, dark crystal balls, magic potions, ancient writing stones… Dozens of artifacts are not just for decoration or as in-game rewards. They are also materials to help you learn many types of dark magic. Further, upgrading the monster’s power to the highest level. After each victory with the hero, you will have the ability to get these artifacts.

NecroMerger free

Summon ancient monsters and task them with slaying heroes. Upgrade and create a new magic to quickly deal with heroes on the battlefield. NecroMerger puts you in the role of a fearsome dark summoner. The one who always spreads the terror of death. Turn powerful heroes into hearty dishes exclusively for the demon king of NecroMerger mod.

Download NecroMerger MOD APK (Currency/Spawn/Skip Time) for Android

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