Netlooter MOD APK 1.9.29 (God mode)

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NameNetlooter APK
PublisherThomas Pham
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Netlooter belongs to the incredible raid genre, you will use the gun to light up the space here. All are dungeons; secrets always appear unexpectedly that you do not anticipate. The more hidden corners become the centre of attention. You probe around, act with dignity and deliver precise shots. Attack powerful enemies, and destroy all the forces that plot to invade the world. With just one finger, you can also control your gun. The player does not reveal the entire body; only the gun image is released. Opponents are always apparent; catch them quickly.

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Download Netlooter mod – Action with a lethal gun

Netlooter opens up a collection of more than ten guns designed with meticulous attention to detail. The weapon you choose must have enough power in your situation. Players go from small firearms to giant rifles. They will be suitable for the level that you fight; for each type of enemy, the level of destruction is also different. You can’t use the small gun as simple as the first round at high levels. It would be best to prioritise guns with strong, long-range shooting power and extra binoculars to observe more closely. The damage calculation depends on the number of bullets you fire; combine the two to become explosive.

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The almighty and powerful nethack from NotAnEvil Corporation are the two things you want to conquer most in this challenge. You are becoming a genuine bandit but not a wrong target. Your actions are only to save the world. When you capture the enemy’s secret information, war will liberate the hatred. The two sides began to organize a battle matrix without compromise. Each force has its unique strength, do not be too confident; when the game is over, you can be proud of your talent. control the exact direction of the shot, and you can win.

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Battle space

Many levels for you to try; each match is held at a different point. The matrices are randomly arranged, and players move in surprise and anxiety. You can’t know yet if enemies are behind the other boxes; the corners of the house already have opponents waiting before? Thousands of questions pop up in your head, but you can’t stop moving. Your every move is in a safe state; going beyond the limit is an omen. The battle space is always spacious, alternating between closed and open spaces. Enjoy the stuffiness of the dark cellar or the ventilated rooftop terrace. Either way, your opponent won’t forgive you.

Netlooter mod apk

Speed response

Netlooter requires players to have swift reflexes. You are more passive because of opponents who have equipped battle positions before. You don’t anticipate where an opponent will appear. The enemy is pleased with that initiative; they also invite you with words of challenge. The anger grows; you are determined to find the people harming you. They need to pay a heavy price when they deliberately invade you. They showed up unexpectedly, holding guns; you would die if you didn’t dodge intimee. Once the player gets bullets from them, everything will end instantly; starting over is the last resort for you.


Multiple enemy objects

Players are in the most intense battles of Netlooter. Enemies are in the form of blocks, like moving robots. You make potent attacks to avenge them. Usually, they choose a dark place to act, so be careful. In addition, players can rely on the arrangement of the terrain to dodge dangerous bullets from them. Enemies appear in large numbers, uncontrollable. At each level where their life span is different, there are measured blood vessels you should observe. But for each life, you should catch three or more shots and ensure they’re dead before you run away.

Netlooter expands the adventure with a versatile gun. The bullets are installed, and the firearms work day and night. Players put all their efforts into attacking, not a moment to rest. Once you have accepted the invitation from the enemy, you must focus on each campaign. Killing many enemies will help you score big points and participate in the rankings. I look forward to the achievements that can be achieved in the tournaments. As you progress through the levels, new spaces will open up. Download Netlooter mod, act independently of the gun, and shoot all robot enemies.

Download Netlooter MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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