Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK 2.1.7 (Menu, Unlimited money, unlocked)

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NameNexomon: Extinction APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money, unlocked
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Train monsters with skills to fight in dramatic battles with Nexomon: Extinction. The game will let you be present in fierce fighting to destroy enemies. Improved gameplay from Nexomon, the game continues to create attraction for players. Start with a challenging journey to achieve the goal. Meet many other monsters and attack them to become a tyrant. Participate in every battle to gradually destroy the enemy and dominate all world opponents.

Nexomon Extinction mod free

Download Nexomon: Extinction mod – Train monsters to fight

Nexomon: Extinction continues to be a game that brings the return of powerful monsters. They will be the force with you to fight on the fronts. However, there will also be many other enemies with strong destructive power attacking you. Since then, there have been continuous fierce battles, creating a dangerous situation to face. The task that you need to do is to assemble an army with the strongest monsters to fight. Move to any position, ready to fight every other enemy in the area.

Nexomon Extinction mod download

When the whole world is engulfed in natural disasters, the Nexomon tyrants are seeking to destroy this place. To stop them, you will have to fight with your teammates so that they cannot complete their purpose by building a powerful squad, ready to declare war. Recruit the strongest Nexomon, capable of defeating the opponent. Domestication and utilize their power to confront the dangerous force. Step into each battle screen and quickly destroy all enemies, do not let them survive. Aim to become one of the tyrants who rule over all monsters.

Nexomon Extinction mod

Monster taming

The army with you to fight will be monsters. Tame them and exploit all possibilities to advance on the battlefield. Use food or talk to draw them to your side. Even using Nexotrap to capture and assemble a strong squad. When you have gathered a large army, send them to battle. Each battle will have 6 monsters participating, combining strategies to fight. Join the turn-based combat, show your strength and attack hard in the match. Simultaneously evolve species with many new skills and experiences to fight. Recruit talented monster warriors, quickly accomplish the goal ahead.

Nexomon Extinction mod android

Various battle areas

Each match will bring you to different terrain. Deserts, extremely hot regions and icy tundra. Each place will bring challenges that you need to face. Please adapt to the environment and climate of each place to have a way to deal with opponents. Choose the right monster to fight, eliminate all enemies in the fastest time. Areas also require players’ skills and experience when participating in the battle. Master the battle and manage the monsters well against all Nexomon. Move to enemy locations, defeat them with the most special attacks.

Nexomon Extinction mod apk

War of tyrants

With a background as a child in an orphanage with the courage to go into battle. Encounter the monsters first, use your skills to create great destruction. Combine with tamed monsters to counter your opponent’s actions. Change the game, create an advantage to make the enemy receive death. Each level will bring unexpected tasks and details. The number of monsters that the player needs to attack will also increase. Work closely with the whole team to ensure the opponent has no chance to counterattack. Create traps and evolve your warrior to the next challenging level. Conquer every battle, master the world.

Engage in an exciting conversation with the character, declare war on every attack. Train the monsters to destroy Nexomon, wielding dominion over the region. Join the battle and declare war with all your might, facing challenges. In addition to stressful situations, there will also be more humorous details. Complete all missions to win, become one of the formidable tyrants. Download Nexomon: Extinction monster battle mod in all areas.

Download Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, unlocked) for Android

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