Nightmare Dorm MOD APK 0.8 (Unlimited money, drinks)

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NameNightmare Dorm APK
PublisherSingleStar. LLC
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, drinks
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Nightmare Dorm, you take on the challenge with terrifying joker demons. They’re trying to take over this big dorm; you don’t want that. Players start looking for a hiding place and want to build a fence to protect themselves. Now you only have to escape or directly fight the demons. Ghost-style towers are also designed here. It is also a resource to help you overcome those fearful dreams. Attempts to attack many jokers are the primary object you need to overcome. Plan your battles and show off your skills in dealing with those monsters to keep you safe.

Nightmare Dorm

Download Nightmare Dorm mod – Dodge the devil’s pursuit

In this ghostly dorm room, there is no shortage of ghost elements; players gradually feel it. This is a communal area, so many spaces are divided by each floor. Your task is to build high-damage fortresses to destroy the joker team. Establishing a base has many problems because those towers need conditions to own. With the possibility that you are just starting, there are many difficulties; there are no immediate assets to buy them. But without those rows of cannons, you will be attacked by the joker. Keep calm and go to receive gifts every day; those items will help you in the first step.

Fighting evil spirits is your ultimate goal. They will line up and begin to invade the player’s territory easily. Your resistance is also limited; if you exceed it, it will be unbearable. The empty rooms will be filled with your cannons so that you will be more confident. Every appearance will surprise the player. The demons are already waiting there; you need to unlock them to be able to meet. New challenges gradually become higher and higher, and the impact from the enemy is increasing. Protecting yourself is also how you protect this dormitory, returning it to its original peaceful state.

Nightmare Dorm apk

Collection of works

The cannons are, in turn, joined your army. They become the ultimate weapons for you to control those monsters. The tower buildings have conditions to conquer, coins or specific trophies in exchange. You start using them to fill the void in this compound. The floors in a house are gradually destroyed; if there is no timely rescue, they will indeed be destroyed. That means you lose your chance to escape. Each cannon has its function and a remarkable capacity to support you. Arrange them strategically to get the most out of them.

Nightmare Dorm mod

Get daily gifts

Journey with seven days of conquest, players start participating day by day. Every time you log in, you can receive a gift. The items here are of great value to help players conquer the towers. The facilities are changed consecutively to serve more players’ purposes. If you collect enough, you will make the whole dormitory admire your level. Strategic talent will increase gradually if you fight with many opponents. There is another way for you to make money, and that is winning joker. This way, you have to spend more time and effort. Trade for a great chance to increase your chances of winning.

Nightmare Dorm mod apk

Territorial expansion

The whole apartment building has become your property, but there are conditions. Each time you win, you unlock a territory. With consecutive battles, you will deserve to receive more domains. What you are interested in is the area of the base you can use to build the tower. You can’t progress further if you hang around one floor of the faraway dormitory. In turn, it expanded the territory and increased the anti-destroy army. You are using human and machine workforce as turrets to eliminate the monsters. They will take over spaces if you can’t afford them. Grab it before the jokers do bad things to you.

Nightmare Dorm opens up assassination attempts between you and the demons. They can take over this place with various powers, not to mention scary faces at all times. That haunting smile made you shiver but not be discouraged. You must overcome their pitfalls and attack back to strengthen the advantage. Use your strategic tricks in building solid tower fences. Download Nightmare Dorm mod, destroy the evil, evil jokers from the dormitory, gradually expanding the advantage.

Download Nightmare Dorm MOD APK (Unlimited money, drinks) for Android

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