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“Boy Love” is also known as passion. Since romance novels became popular and developed, love stories have also received much public support. Many love stories of the same sex that are forbidden in real life turn out romantic when incorporated into novels. Now, contributing to making novel pages come to life, AK_Indigo company has introduced a new creative idea. Let’s welcome the simulation game No Random Novels – the first product of AK_Indigo. It’s disturbing to call a game with two words “perfect”. But No Random Novels can do that when receiving 5-star reviews from users.

No Random Novels mod

Download No Random Novels mod – Immerse yourself in a passionate novel

As introduced, No Random Novel is a passionate novel designed in a visually interactive style. Digging deep into the story, you will discover the life of writer Taeram. He included himself in the unrealistic book he wrote. Through a lot of happenings and ups and downs, the story gradually comes to an end. However, Taeram realized one thing. The main characters in the story slowly disappear. Now, he was the only one left with many unresolved problems. Taeram feared that he would be trapped in the account forever if the knot was not untied. Indeed, the writer is afraid to live forever in this imaginary story.

No Random Novels apk

However, it is not without a solution. Although he didn’t want to, Taeram still had to come to another decision. He will have to cooperate with Seho – a fledgling university student. He was always in a state of extreme anxiety. Even Seho can bring some other trouble to our writer Taeram. But this was the only way out that Taeram could use to escape. Will he be able to return to real life? It’s hard to guess. You should immediately join this game to help our unfortunate writer. Many compliments have been sent to No Random Novels so that I can guarantee the appeal of this game.

No Random Novels mod apk

Get to know handsome guys

Perhaps, players of No Random Novels should start by exploring the main characters here. Taeram – is a dreamy student guy who plays the role of the main character in his story. He didn’t like girls but fell in love with a guy. The second character is Seho – perhaps this is the person that Taeham secretly loves. But sometimes, being overly concerned can upset Seho. Their love story became more complicated when Fran – fell in love with Taeram at first sight. Fran did not pass up any opportunity that he could approach the writer. There is also the mage Kairan. He is not involved in this love story but holds many great secrets.

No Random Novels android

Choose to change the story

In No Random Novels, you will play the main character Taeram and experience the simulated plot. It can be said that the script built in No Random Novels almost wholly matches the original novel. Previously, when it was posted on the website, it received countless compliments from the language-loving community. Therefore, No Random Novels can confidently immerse you in the story as much as possible. Be an angel accompanying Taeram in this tangled love story. This is an interactive game, so your decisions can affect the turning points in Taeram’s life. Help him change his future and get out of his fantasy world.

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Enjoy the voices of the stars

As a game based on novels, No Random Novels is more than dull pages of text. On the contrary, you can immerse yourself in a beautiful dreamlike space with vivid images and sounds. Manufacturer AK_Indigo is exceptionally willing to spend in this area. They have invited famous artists like Poison Illusion and Chang-eun to design the interface and characters. Indeed, only those talented hands can create beautiful idol-like images of the male beauties in the story. In addition, No Random Novels also did very well in terms of sound. You may come across extremely familiar voices because Park Yo-han and Kim Min-ju voiced this game about love.

No Random Novels is an exciting simulation game released at the end of 2022. Users have absolute satisfaction with No Random Novels. You can verify this based on reviews and comments in Google Play. An unbelievable romantic love story will be told. Download No Random Novels mod and help the male lead overcome the challenge of returning to real life.

Download No Random Novels MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android

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