Oceans of Steel MOD APK 1.15.2 (Menu, Damage/Defense multiplier, coins, chests)

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NameOceans of Steel APK
PublisherSuperplus Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense multiplier, coins, chests
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Oceans of Steel is a fierce naval battle that takes place in a confrontation between powerful fleets. You will be the commander of your army to fight and defeat the opponent. Bringing in many great ambitions, do not let the opponent win. Instead, focus on the attack, and unleash all the skills to bring many advantages. Oceans of Steel will be the place for players to become talented sailors. Lead your battleship to attack quickly, eliminating each opponent as quickly as possible.

Oceans of Steel mod apk

Download Oceans of Steel mod – Become the ruler of the seas

Simplicity and high entertainment are what you will see when playing Oceans of Steel. Moreover, the indispensable drama and attraction through each situation in the game. You will need to use various strategies to deal with each situation. A variety of weapons are also provided for the character to fight. Please use each specific case to defeat the enemy immediately. They will not stop attacking for you to lose. Don’t be subjective or give up on the goal, the results you get will definitely not disappoint you.

Oceans of Steel mod

The vast ocean is a convenient place to do everything you want. As a battleship owner, you always carry a great ambition. That is to be the master of the sea, not to let anyone have the right to own this place. However, many other forces also have their own purposes. That’s why you will have to face great competition and fight with the enemy. Aim at each target, giving attack combos that won’t let the enemy stand. Destroy every enemy ship, and get valuable prizes after a challenging battle journey.

Oceans of Steel mod free

Facing many dangerous fluctuations

It must be said that everything in front of you is a danger. The sea surface constantly occurs fluctuations that you cannot predict. Even for those with a lot of experience, this is still considered a difficult problem. Big waves coming continuously and rushing also cause many obstacles. This makes the ability to aim and also observe not achieve optimal results. Therefore, you need to rely on the most appropriate time to be able to accomplish your goals. Combine with various attacks, and take advantage of all the advantages in front of you to get the expected results.

Oceans of Steel mod download

Build your battleship

Oceans of Steel provides quite a lot of components, fully equipped. Players can use it to assemble and create a complete ship. The hull, roof, cannon… will be the things that contribute to the completion of your own ship. All will be provided for the player to own. The more components there are, the more solid the ship will be, facing all dangers. These components are also divided by power level, making the battleship the most perfect. Assemble and customize everything the way you want, set sail, and take on the enemy.

Oceans of Steel mod android

Conquer rankings and achievements

The purpose of fighting is to try to win. The ambition to master the water battle and lead the rankings is what players want. The trophies will also be waiting for you to win, breaking all the goals that the enemy wants to accomplish. Equip a very solid battleship with powerful attack weapons. At the same time, improve combat skills and accurateaimg to defeat opponents. Constantly giving strategies, leading the army to fight in all sea areas. Compete with every opponent and get the best score. Download Oceans of Steel mod tense naval battle with enemies, realize the goal of hegemony on the vast sea.

Download Oceans of Steel MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense multiplier, coins, chests) for Android

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