Order of Fate MOD APK 1.41.4 (Menu, God mode/Onehit/Free shopping)

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NameOrder of Fate APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Onehit/Free shopping
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Order of Fate plays a curious boy who goes deep into the dungeon to experience the unthinkable. Full of mysteries arranged in the dark room, many events unfold. You can discover the most novel, the battles with monsters also happen to you. At first, there are no specialized tools, so you can’t do anything about them but gradually overcome them. Your weapons have been upgraded, confidently face the destroyers. Dark secrets are progressively covering the whole space where you stand. It will be pretty scary and thorny adventures. Players must find a way out, returning to the soft light instead of the dark shadows.

Order of Fate mod apk

Download Order of Fate mod – Uncover the mystery in the dark

The journey in Order of Fate lasts until you defeat all your opponents. It seems easy, but many pitfalls will prevent you from getting out. Players experience many exciting stories behind, and the truth is increasingly revealed. Encounters with demons gradually became more frequent, increasing in frequency over time. The village you live in has been taken away by dark forces; nothing remains. Your mission is to go deep into the dungeon to find answers for the villagers, bringing back the rich life in the past. You will have to plunge into danger to get information directly, and there is no other way.

Order of Fate mod

Mysterious cellars and rooms filled with darkness were established one after another. Order of Fate offers a wild scene that makes players also have to tiptoe every step of the way when exploring. Demons can come at any time, which makes you panic. When you have enough weapons, you will dare to fight them; otherwise, you will never win. Dungeons are always dangerously arranged, putting fake signs to lead you to meet the devil. When you have not yet determined the position you are standing in, the forces of the dungeon come out, and the beasts are screaming to eat you alive. Fight them without fear, be fierce.

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Ultimate hero upgrade

You will have to fight a long time in the dungeons of Order of Fate. There will be surprises for you, so prepare yourself mentally for your hero. From a weak boy, afraid of the dark, he has grown up thanks to the support energy. The additional powers have made him more vital than ever, ready to stand in front of the opponent to fight. To become the strongest hero, always have to upgrade it. Armor, helmets, knives, swords, and axes must be constantly added to the collection. Combine stone items you find along the way to create incredible power. Use those breakthroughs to destroy enemies faster.

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Throw your opponent out of the game

Order of Fate has arranged a series of heavyweight opponents to fight you. Unexpected encounters will predestinate for you to behave and treat each other violently. They are the forces that terrorize the village, turning into terrifying elves. You will be shocked by the strange and strange deformation when you see their faces. Those with sharp teeth or strong hands are deliberately taking over you. Having entered the match, you must be very careful about their counterattacks. During the battle, you must release powerful energy when necessary to eliminate them. The greatest hero will be the one who chases them out of the dark cave, returning humanity to life.

Order of Fate apk

Control your energy

Players are provided with the right to use particular energies to fight enemies. It’s up to you to create a limited edition that no one else can own. The power you create will leave a large and small amount of damage depending on the item you make. Set a variety of genres to combine for the best fight in this history. You will control your fighting ability when you control the power you hit. Players sometimes beat up the passersby but under the command of the boss. Control your hero to move around the dungeon to explore. In such exploration, you will have a strategy for using power.

Order of Fate chooses to fight to conquer the enemy and discover the truth about the dark cave. Many stories bring but will be interesting if you are a self-seeker. Legendary characters will also appear, a duo with your hero. Knowledge and treasure are two precious things; protect them firmly. You use them as tools to aid in the development of combat abilities. Download Order of Fate mod, and explore legendary dungeons and historical figures.

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