Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon MOD APK 1.3.3 (Unlimited money)

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NamePet Rescue Empire Tycoon APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Join Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon to become the most conscientious animal breeder in town. You are the owner of many different species of animals, from those with places to go to those left in the wild. All of their fates are changed, cherished, and cared for by you when they grow up. Show passion for nurturing them, making customers believe in their craft. Cure diseases, give them a new life, and do what’s best for their growth. Please pay special attention to abandoned animals, as they are so pitiful. Become the owner and hostess of a professional veterinary care and rescue center.

Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon mod

Download Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon mod – Build a veterinary hospital

You are the one who controls the operation of the veterinary hospital in Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon. Many surprises will happen the first time you do it. Initially forming a care center, collecting abandoned animals and bringing them back to raise them. After practicing for a while, the work of accepting pets from families began. Your hospital agrees with a mixture of animals that you have not been able to treat. Become a veterinary consultant, directly treat diseases, and show affection to them. They are sick, so they need more attention and prepare enough tools, machines, and medicines to perform the treatment.

Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon android

Injured patients are highly pampered animals. The guests who come to you expecting their pet to be cured do not betray their trust. With your operating mechanism, do the correct steps. It can be built as a housing area, and there is a place to play for the dogs. Improving the space through each level and improving the artistry is essential. The responsibility rests on the doctor’s shoulders, and you also love them, so you can’t leave them alone. Every time there is a patient, make a diagnosis, give treatment and wait for the results. After each success, you receive bonuses and attract many new customers.

Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon mod apk

Infrastructure upgrade

The hospital is always modern, and all activities must go on as usual. Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon allows you to scale up your hospital while adding or replacing medical supplies. Purchase additional medical equipment such as X-ray machines, specialized examination rooms, operating rooms, and rehabilitation areas. Just like a human hospital, pets deserve it too. The center also quickly added the construction of an additional entertainment area for animals and training. Shop a lot, and invest heavily so that the animals can recover faster when they arrive at the hospital.

Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon apk free

Successful pet raising

Your experience and love for the animals have given them a new life. You nurture abandoned pets on the street, in the wild, to let them be like many other friends. Taking care of kittens, being devoted to puppies, and taking care of little birds, are all acts of kindness you give them. Those things have made them have a happy life that forgets the sad days. Their new journey does not stop there; players also bring houses with conditions, send them, and ask them to continue to take care of them for you. Choose the new families, and recreate many animals to create a strong community.

Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon apk

Employee manager

The hospital capacity in Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon is increasing, requiring more staff. Recruit people with the heart, vision, and strength to raise pets. You run the main; you will become an idler with more personnel. Hire more veterinarians, machine technicians, or volunteers to assist. The more people, the more influential the medical examination and treatment process will be. Accept many new challenges, and happily cooperate with your teammates to overcome them. Management strategies must be wise, speeding up if you do not want to lose customers. Expand the more prominent and more significant veterinary center, and invite more staff to develop the hospital.

Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon helps injured animals become healthy. Caring for them takes a lot of time and requires medical examination techniques. You must be an animal connoisseur, mastering the skills of a veterinarian to be able to do it. The opportunity to interact with many pets that make you happy every day; they are healthy, is your joy. Expand the facility, and add more modern equipment to cure diseases. Train employees to become truly competent in the field. Build a complete hospital system, and get many items to upgrade. Download Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon mod, and become a great qualified veterinarian.

Download Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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