PinBall Magic MOD APK 1.0.07 (Menu/Attack multiplier/Unlocked)

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NamePinBall Magic APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Attack multiplier/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Pinball Magic uses magic stones to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible. You will play a talented magician and accidentally see the magical stone; this is the most potent weapon for you to control the opponent. The magic skills will light your path from one level to another. Players must step to the impressive victories; so much bitterness is poured into this game. All wars made you lose efforts, and fierce attacks have changed everything. They are touching glory earliest to create a unique position. The opponent must know your reputation; the deep bond will put you in the highest place.

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Download Pinball Magic Mod – Shoot magic stones

The magic ball will not disappoint you; they have unpredictable transformations. Players should control them correctly and be placed at many angles to shoot well. Each throw will weaken the opponent; they will gradually be destroyed if they cannot block you. They also have the right to attack you, so be careful. They are even more dangerous at a high level and set many regulations that make you fear. Difficult situations can happen, and the vital player can cling to them firmly. Mastering the new magic ball can take you to more glory, going on a long journey than you think.

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Just throw the ball, which can attack for you, but it must be standard. Hit the head of a new opponent, causing them to be weakened and gradually destroyed. They are arranging a squad to prevent players’ balls. You should see overall the general offensive, so they do not let them escape. Pinball Magic also creates opportunities for the opponent by setting turn-based mode. Each party has an attack; if you do not take advantage of the opportunity, it is likely to lose. The first play without making them wobbly is easy to fall into failure. Once you lose, you have to make the game from the beginning, so it consumes the inherent magic energy.

PinBall Magic mod

Diverse monsters

Pinball Magic has created scary enemy faces with superior talent. They are increasingly upgraded over time, which makes it difficult for you to be extremely large. At first, there was only one skull to fight with you, but then a group of monsters. The number and level of their diversity make you also wary. But if fully equipped with magic, it is possible to resist them fiercely. When combined, each monster has its power and can make you fly. The magician must be awake, walking the ball correctly to defeat them from the beginning. The long journey to experience challenges with more enemies.

PinBall Magic mod apk

Use different balls

Already a magic ball, there is an unpredictable transformation only when you discover it. Using them in many forms is also a wise choice. The balls are a wide-apricot meteorite, lightning, traps that freeze enemies and many other genres. Each type has a fixed break, depending on the situation that you use correctly. The balls hidden in themselves have special skills and conquer them to the team. Add new types of balls to increase attractiveness in each match. Your collection of balls must be promoted quickly. Otherwise, it will not be able to withstand strong enemies.

PinBall Magic

Difficult stages

The level that Pinball Magic has increased difficulty, which also challenges you. Enjoying unique pinball battles, at each stage, there will be different ways of breakthroughs. Valuable boots or energy will help you raise new heights. To deal with those wicked people, you must fully equip weapons and capacity. The tactical talent of each player is different, so there should be plans to use magic balls. Think about cases of exhaustion of raw materials that dominate the ball reasonably. Going a long way, looking to the last tycoon to destroy the root and win.

Pinball Magic felt like a thrilling battle, thanks to magic balls. Talented magicians are people with clear strategies in the ball paths. It would be best if you upgraded weapons and accumulated items to be more vital every day. Lege and accumulated stronger itemsdeveloping your character; try them. Experience the notorious battles with a large number of enemies. They must be taught by the most powerful shots, improving their talents daily. Download Pinball Magic Mod, possessing many magic balls in prayer matches.

Download PinBall Magic MOD APK (Menu/Attack multiplier/Unlocked) for Android

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