Pixel Z Hunter 3D MOD APK 4.1.8 (Menu, Unlimited money)

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NamePixel Z Hunter 3D APK
PublisherPixelStar Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Shooting in a world that combines unique pixels and blocks graphics like never before. Pixel Z Hunter 3D is a solution if you feel too dizzy and difficult to play normal shooting games. Pixel Z Hunter 3D is simple and aimed at more players. The graphics will be somewhat sketchy, but it is not the highlight of this game. Players love the variety of modes ranging from AI combat to real players. So how to play Pixel Z Hunter 3D? Good question but not difficult to answer. Because you will experience it right now with me, let’s shoot down all the enemies.

Pixel Z Hunter 3D mod

Download Pixel Z Hunter 3D mod – The battle between the top gunners

Pixel Z Hunter 3D will be played in a third-person perspective. That means you can see your character move and aim the guns. The setting based on the zombie disaster is all too familiar. The forces of the undead have almost eradicated humanity. Only a few individuals are left on their way to freeing themselves. Confront them with self-reliance with the most modern weapons of man. There are potent weapons in shooting games for you to use against the undead. But, of course, weapons need to be loaded to create dramatic moments. Your health is 100, don’t let the undead surround you and die meaninglessly.

Control the character in the game to move with the Joystick on the left. On the right side of the screen will be buttons to shoot, jump, lie, and drop grenades. You will find a slight similarity with popular shooters to make it easier to get used to. Walking in the city, the undead will not stop coming towards you to attack. Even with a large number, the slow movement speed will make it easier for you to deal with them. Shoot all the healthy plants to defeat the undead and find shelter. However, each mission will require you to perform different actions. All aim to repel the undead from humans and find teammates for fighting with you.

Pixel Z Hunter 3D mod apk

Escape to each location

Pixel Z Hunter 3D’s background is set in many world cities. Therefore, when moving to many places, the work will change markedly. This is very important because it does not bore the player. Nobody wants to shoot each other with the undead in one simple location. Buildings are not useless, but they can also be used in combat. For example, you will go up tall buildings to avoid a large number of undead. Hide behind many walls so as not to let the undead discover you. Instead, create many impressive and evasive counter-attack plans. Pixel Z Hunter 3D requires very high teamwork. Don’t forget to invite your friends to join.

Pixel Z Hunter 3D mod apk free

Weapon system and characters

Characters in the game are also designed with square blocks. It might make you think a little bit of Minecraft. However, these two games have no specific similarities at all. Players can change the main character’s costumes to match the tense atmosphere of battle. Weapons are guns that are not designed loosely. They are all based on real weapons and carry the exact characteristics of that weapon. The rifle will have the most stable firepower. Sight guns will require the shooter’s meticulousness and being in a safe position. Sniper guns will have high attack speed and light but low damage. The machine gun is the heaviest weapon but has the most ammo.

Pixel Z Hunter 3D mod free

Select the desired mode

All battles in Pixel Z Hunter 3D are human journeys against hordes of undead. But you can choose any game mode for yourself and your friends. There are game modes that are easy to understand and grasp in the game, such as turn-based combat. In this mode, you and your teammates must fight each wave of zombies. The more waves you pass, the stronger and more numerous the zombies will be. You also get ammunition and weapons in this mode. Survival mode is a bit more challenging; players must survive and move to many places. Self-supply ammo and guns are scattered across the map. This is the most attractive game mode and is considered the most difficult.

Pixel Z Hunter 3D free

Enjoy a more accessible, brutal shooting game with simple pixels and blocky graphics. Gamers focus more on challenging and fighting the undead than on judging the game’s graphics. The game modes are diverse and require many basic skills, although not too difficult. Pixel Z Hunter 3D mod will be a game to keep you and everyone entertained during the holidays. Build characters and powerful weapons to repel the zombie epidemic.

Download Pixel Z Hunter 3D MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) for Android

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