Pixelwoods MOD APK 1.42 (Pictures, Outfits free)

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NamePixelwoods APK
PublisherBeresnev Games
MOD FeaturesPictures, Outfits free
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Pixelwoods transforms everything like new with a magical palette, creating the final picture. Players receive and flip open the images to be painted to proceed with the first task. First, you must know that you are playing a beautiful little girl named Ellie. A child is too young but has lost his parents, they are missing. This bewildered her, but she did not fully understand the story because she was young, looking to the world of colours to answer. Here you seem to be immersed in the world of artists, you also have this artistic talent. So take the challenge and allow yourself to express your creativity. Successfully remodelling the old house and creating a new apartment is also in your plans.


Download Pixelwoods mod – Pick a picture

Pixelworks has pre-prepared hundreds of pictures that have not yet been coloured. Your task is to add colour to each picture and mix colours properly to have a work of life. Colours of all kinds, from dark to light, cold or hot, are fully designed. Players must choose the picture they want to show their artistic talent, then colour by number. For the best picture, you should paint according to the corresponding number, this combination has been pre-censored by the game. Photos of dogs, cats, trees, houses or whatever are sketched, the whole sky of childhood. The task is simple. The critical result is quality works.

Pixelwoods apk free

This is a simple puzzle genre, just a few steps to carefully grasp the rules of play. First, you have the right to choose, express the light in you, and review the imprints of your childhood. The atmosphere here is mainly cheerful, with many colours about to be painted. Especially when you complete the picture, what is the image in mind, you turn it into reality. For example, colouring the dog will jump from the photo after finishing it. Or a flower for you to decorate in the garden or the house. Such miracles deserve to appear in your life. Just play around and enjoy this light-hearted humour.

Pixelwoods mod apk

Edit the house

The house you lived in with your family before looks ancient; they have not been used for a long time. When you go back, i.e. add new work, you have to revise it. The drawings seem to be available; you need to do the colouring to be able to own them. This remodelling takes a lot of time because you want to change every detail in the house. When the player receives the bonus, he immediately goes shopping. In addition, painting a lot is beneficial in terms of material things. So you follow the rule of the pictures that paint correctly. Just once, you have a new home, modern furniture and countless other decorations.

Pixelwoods mod

Explore the plot

In Pixelwoods, there are still many secrets to be discovered; you will be the one to do this. You are looking for clues to answer the question of the disappearance of both parents. As a child, if you are highly energetic, wait and see what you can do. The story opens again by exploiting the puzzle and gradually completing the house’s interior. Emotional accounts are opened, and in turn, a better understanding of their parents. You also have the right to imagine a happy future when you find someone to love the plot changes depending on your choices. Try to understand all the stories behind the mansion.

Pixelwoods apk

Talking animals

You have more friends thanks to that beautiful painting process. With that said, Pixelwoods has created an automatic system for paintings; you need to colour the animals or plants in the picture to turn it into reality. Animals such as dogs and cats can all talk, accompanying you on this journey of discovery. Trees have wisdom and even machines that help you move; those are things you can collect. The game’s space constantly expands for you to discover more new pictures. Hundreds of blank details are waiting for you to add a little colour to complete the work. This painting game knows how to create surprises through flora and fauna.

Pixelwoods makes everything with your expertly painted hands. Colour things are continually improved most extraordinarily; only you can create that. Artistic ability is promoted correctly, making the best foundation conditions. The house needs to be remodelled only to colour and decorate. Go in search of loot treasures across vast locations. Download Pixelwoods mod, learn the magic that happens when you perfect the picture and open up a beautiful new life.

Download Pixelwoods MOD APK (Pictures, Outfits free) for Android

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