Planet Inc MOD APK 0.1.6 (Unlimited money, relics, science points)

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NamePlanet Inc APK
PublisherFansipan Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, relics, science points
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Planet Inc gives you the most explosive experiences with planets, created directly by them. Mainly mining-related challenges, you should have certain finished products. Vast galaxies were discovered one after another, finding valuable resources. Innovate in the stars, create the ultimate combos and sit back and watch. The planet is always open to welcome you to find a new source of life; there are also unique items. The novelty will help you maintain and explore all the planets on this earth for a long time. Master your space, and see the miracles in the magical world.

Planet Inc mod apk

Download Planet Inc mod – Build a planet empire

You are the one who directly created the galaxy and tested it with resource parameters. Each planet has its characteristics; you need to explore to find more exciting things. Their splendour is all decided by the player, building your empire. The rate at which galaxies grow is different, and each type takes time to regenerate. The upgrade process of each planet depends on your promotion mode. The greater the resource values, the more prosperous your world will be. The empire of multiplayer begins to operate across the stars, including your presence. Let’s contribute to the earth aby dding new parts.

Planet Inc

Wide bank strip, planets have different development rules leading to other upgrades. You will not see the breakthrough if you apply a standard method to all. Worlds run around the stars, taking them to new horizons. Players also gradually feel things change but still make sure the universe works—terrain format for the planets you have explored before. Resource output can increase or decrease if there are fluctuations. Players need to control the development of each strict world. There are strategies to ensure the survival of each galaxy.

Planet Inc apk free

Mining for ore

Diamonds in progress, Zicronium, Refined Mithril, Dianium, Galaxium and Kryptonite. These resources are all on the list to help you improve your life. The amount of each type also varies, depending on the needs of each player. A blue gauge represents resources; you can immediately observe which resources make up most of the planet. Thanks to these factors, your world is decorated and has a different appearance. These resources also determine the colour of the galaxy. You balance them to create the most stable possible level; they will circulate continuously throughout the planet.

Planet Inc apk

Diverse places to explore

Planet Inc has designed 40 different planets; you should choose the one you love most. The player’s decisions influence the variety of each location. One hundred materials are released; you need to select the right one. Those raw ores also help you with valuable items, increasing the aesthetic of the galaxy. Melting those metals, that resource is also a way of generating energy. Research particular technologies to assist players in the management process. With only three different galaxies, you also transform into a diverse earth. Try to experience each star; you will see the most unexpected things.

Planet Inc mod

Hire a champion

If you are new, the ability to create planets is not large enough to hire champions. Output is crucial because it determines your ranking. Longtime players will quickly find their development path. You have the right to engage and ask for support from others, but you need to invest in the right place. Good people also become a strong influence on your success. Let’s make the mining process take place entirely; the purposeful investment always pays off. Planet Inc’s rewards also help you level up quickly. Continually improve your planet at all costs; seeing the results you will see is worth it.

Planet Inc takes you to distant but extremely familiar planets. Unleash your creativity, design your own, and discover beautiful galaxies for yourself. Each world brings a different value; you should admire them before the end. It takes resources and brings air to the earth; you also let these planets operate at total capacity. Open gift boxes to get valuable items and rewards no matter how much it’s worth. The collection of elements gives colour to each planet and stands on par with the twinkling stars. Download Planet Inc mod, explore and build your world, and and control their development speed.

Download Planet Inc MOD APK (Unlimited money, relics, science points) for Android

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