Planet Rush MOD APK 1.18.3 (High damage)

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NamePlanet Rush APK
PublisherTap Swap Games
MOD FeaturesHigh damage
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Planet Rush protects the planet with intense gun battles, a thin line only separates life and death. You are a hero with many ambitions who want to make many wars to protect the earth. Challenge the alien invaders; explode with any match. Bold attacks will help you save your life, leading to new incredible experiences. Save the universe from this grim, turn enemies to ashes. Constantly offering new ways to play, participate in many modes to feel the attraction. Shoot destructive guns around the world; bring your victory.

Planet Rush apk

Download Planet Rush mod – Save the planet successfully

The universe sends out a signal for help, and you will be the one to participate in the battles actively. The danger is only the beginning of any difficulty you are willing to accept. Participate in terrible contests to take new steps in the career of preserving military forces. You are mighty warriors, always fighting for the earth and forgetting about themselves. Professional gun control, bringing every nook and cranny of the onslaught. You do not let any opponent escape; you need to destroy them all to return peace to the universe. Many interesting mechanics need you to explore, handle the enemies to conquer new levels, and show the ultimate shooting skill.

Planet Rush apk free

Fight the historical bosses Planet Rush creates in space. They have an extraordinary power that makes everything on earth go to hell. You are the only source of life to regain humanity’s status, and those aliens need to be eradicated. Brutal battles often happen, and bold action scenes make the game more interesting. You always have to follow specific tactics, don’t miss the opportunity, unfortunately. Use new skills through each game screen, and conquer whether in the sky or on the ground. A magical battle requires careful calculation, and just wrong decisions are enough for you to end in pain.

Planet Rush android

Improved fighter

The fighter is a good assistant for you; knowing how to upgrade will achieve many achievements. Equip your hero with great guns to be enough to conquer the giant boss. Unlocking powerful armor is also a tool to help you resist enemy bullets. You must have a thorough preparation of your belongings to be able to destroy many enemies. Winning tournaments in a row increase the chances of unlocking upgrades. You will progress to high-class weapons and possess many new energies. Your space hero always has a cannon at his side. Collect many ultimate weapons to improve the quality of the match.

Planet Rush mod apk

Discover new planet

This Earth is seriously invaded, and the surrounding planets are also affected. The aliens are constantly fighting and want to destroy humanity. It would help if you moved to many new worlds and participated in a strange battle. Visit many unique locations to fulfill the hero’s noble mission. This journey of discovery takes a long time, and everything depends on your level. New challenges are also a process where you mature in each skill. Discovering is not only admiring the beauty but also preserving it. Preserve the planet you successfully unlocked, and get it out of danger.

Planet Rush mod

Boss fight

The tycoons never let you down, and it will allow you to explode. Enemies on the ground or flying in the sky can be defeated. Players need to eliminate the fierce minions to go into the ring to conquer the giants. Destruction always surrounds you; meeting boss bosses shows that even more clearly. With the force that they can beat you, it is difficult to avoid; only the way to prepare adequate equipment. Winning those crazy bosses, you will collect many valuable rewards. Go through many battles, stay calm in each situation, and deal with the opponent. You must improve your ability to use guns and tactics to defeat the boss.

Planet Rush opens a fierce gunfight, challenging players in many modes. The resistance wars showed no signs of cooling down and continued to break out. Crushing the alien army is the goal you need to achieve as soon as possible. Choose the best guns, and perform powerful effects to conquer the enemy. Make powerful rounds, and don’t be afraid to attack any invaders. Customize your hero for the complete look before going into battle. Download Planet Rush mod, and save the universe from alien invasion.

Download Planet Rush MOD APK (High damage) for Android

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