Pocket Academy 3 MOD APK 1.2.4 (Unlimited money, points)

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NamePocket Academy 3 APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, points
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Pocket Academy 3 manages your simulated school. You will start the game with simple tasks, build schools and facilities and attract students with activities. A learning environment is about to be released under player control. You continuously promote your school to have a complete appearance and spacious area. Many areas are divided into subjects and extracurricular activities. You take care of your students, even career orientation, for comprehensive development. Players must strengthen the plan to sustainably build, maintain and develop for the future youth block.

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Download Pocket Academy 3 mod – Become a prestigious school manager

The reputation of the player will depend on the school building you build. You have worked hard to make it must have the policy to protect and promote it. As the leader, bring all activities to the students and key to all decisions you must make methodically. Applications from students to the school are all yours to decide. Will the school’s fate, attract hundreds of young people to come or not? When you have enough facilities and conditions to develop knowledge and spirit, you will be confident enough to accept students. This cannot be built today, and it takes a long time. Your career will go up gradually, more advanced than yesterday.

Pocket Academy 3 mod

Once you understand what’s needed for the classroom at Pocket Academy 3, the investment begins. It will cost you a lot of money to buy that facility, but you will make up for it quickly. When you are qualified to open a school, use tactics to entice applications to study. All activities at school need to be approved by you; think about students’ interests. Like a reunion day at school, you will operate from construction to completion. A super realistic simulation is released, and players will be overwhelmed by each feature. The school with many exciting things with many admirable achievements will only improve.

Pocket Academy 3 apk

Classroom construction

A great school will be reflected in the number of classes it owns. The number of students to many players needs to expand the campus quickly to meet the requirements. You build more types, fully equipped with facilities and support rooms. The counseling room is also a good choice for the admissions process. Divide classes logically, and point to more flower gardens to increase color. The cafeteria also needs to be set up to meet the needs of eating, to satisfy hunger when it’s time for lunch. All classrooms are separated, and there are many more large playgrounds for students to enjoy!

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Professional teaching

Pocket Academy 3 will recruit quality teachers to ensure students’ knowledge. You are fully equipped with life skills and knowledge of each subject. Future career orientation will also take place through question and answer sessions. Students’ responses will help answer your dreams and aspirations of who you want to be in the future. Prepare to arrange tests in each class to understand studentlevelsvel better, suggesting suitable jobs for the future. Create an appropriate educational mechanism for students to have fun and acquire a lot of knowledge to serve their future profession. Let’s go with them to make their bright dreams come true.

Pocket Academy 3 mod apk

Respect the club

The club in Pocket Academy 3 is a playground for students to develop their passion. Teams, dancing, dancing, and singing were all established with the desire that young people have space to express themselves. Appreciate school events, especially competitions. Challenges to assessing ability, such as national math exams and English test, are necessary. After those competitions, you will find the best contestant in the school. The sweet victory was worthy of the ability that the student possessed. Expand extracurricular activities to strengthen your soft skills towards a happy and energetic school for students.

Pocket Academy 3 will take away that much sweat and tears from you. It sounds complex, but it’s exhilarating; whatever you do is enjoyable. When building a school, you need a lot of resources, especially money, to pay for it. You must create the perfect school model to get the money spent. Start a business on an education platform, and make good value for students. You bring knowledge, and students bring profit and get more. Organize festivals, events on essential occasions, or daily fun activities. Download Pocket Academy 3 mod, and build your dream school ultimately.

Download Pocket Academy 3 MOD APK (Unlimited money, points) for Android

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