Pool Ace MOD APK 1.21.1 (Unlimited vip, Unlimited lucky spin)

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NamePool Ace APK
PublisherInternational Games System Co., Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited vip, Unlimited lucky spin
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Billiards is an entertaining game that many people love. Archaeological remains have proven that this game appeared around France’s XIV and XV centuries. In the olden days, billiards was played on the ground. It was not until later that it was improved for indoor play. It was considered a favorite sport of the kings of that day. Not only is it an ordinary entertainment, but billiards is also now considered a sport with many skillful techniques. Every year, the world sees many quality billiards competitions. Unfortunately, not everyone with a stick can put a ball in the hole. If you want to experience this game more efficiently, you can try Pool Ace of International Games System Co.

Pool Ace mod

Download Pool Ace mod – Experience shooting billiards in real-time

Designed by modern technology and techniques, Pool Ace simulates a real billiard table for users. Even though it’s just an experience in virtual space, you can still see that the laws of physics are applied strictly in Pool Ace. The algorithm carefully calculates the marbles’ velocity, friction, or reaction on the table. When determining the target, you need to determine the path of the white cue ball. The screen will display a straightedge to help players easily align the angle of the shot. To perform the shot, the player must perform two actions, drag and drop. Then, you pull until you feel enough force to put the ball into the hole and release it.

Pool Ace apk

Each game screen will have 15 marbles numbered from 1 to 15. Depending on each table, you can hit colored or striped marbles. Colored marbles correspond to numbers 1 to 7, and striped balls from 9 to 15. If you hit your opponent’s ball into the hole by mistake, you lose your turn. The black cue ball is hit only when the player has succeeded with his seven marbles. Whoever runs out of cards first will win a Pool Ace match. Never let the white cue ball fall into the hole. Otherwise, you’ve given up your turn to your opponent. In addition, Pool Ace offers players many special rewards. Log in every day to get free treasure chests and chips.

Pool Ace mod apk

Use impressive shots

In Pool Ace, you can participate in the Master’s Challenge round. The rules and requirements are a little different from the usual matches. The first rule is that you must hit the number 1 ball first. The following rule put the nine balls in the hole. The last rule is to use a single stroke. Pool Ace updates innovative global player rankings every week. That’s why you should use your skillful technique to beat the scores you already have. Leaderboards can be broken down by country or using a global scale. Hopefully, your name will soon appear on the prestigious list of Pool Ace. This racing feeling is thrilling.

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Chat with opponents around the globe

Your opponents in Pool Ace can come from anywhere in the world. During matches, you can chat with them to reduce stress. Please don’t take it as a confrontation; treat Pool Ace as an opportunity to connect and expand your relationship. So how to remove the language barrier between different regions? Pool Ace is prepared for this. You can access a signal store with more than 10000 uniquely designed emojis. It is the key to effective communication. In addition, Pool Ace also supports login on many different social networks. You can share or invite your friends to join the fun and challenge them to Pool Ace.

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Collection of special sticks

Each player who comes to Pool Ace is provided with a different club. However, when you get a lot of achievements with great bonuses, upgrade your stick. There are many unique clubs in Pool Ace with different valuations. They carry particular motifs such as flowers, blades, or even a meat skewer. The difference in appearance and the function of the sticks are also different. The better the sticks, the better the ability to adjust the shooting force and angle. You can even have your collection of shooting sticks. Show off your style with Pool Ace and powerful shooting sticks.

Pool Ace simulates the game familiar to many generations. This is a unique sport with demands on accuracy and discipline. Can you put the ball into the hole at will? The answer is only when you experience it. Don’t keep hitting the ball in a faint straight line. Instead, you can create more slick smashes to score points. Download Pool Ace mod apk and master the colorful marbles.

Download Pool Ace MOD APK (Unlimited vip, Unlimited lucky spin) for Android

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